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  • Milo Catterson - Best valve oil in my opinion!

    I have used this valve oil for 35+ yrs. and would highly recommend it to a friend or student. The price is also lower than the music store prices.

  • Erin Stokes - Will definitely order again!

    I'm new to dieting. After sitting at a desk for 2 yrs I gained way too much weight. I've never been skinny but I've always been content with my size. But now, I'm overweight. My muffin top is no longer cute and my thighs are rubbing when I walk! Time out!! Lol. So I'm new. I have tried samples of shakeology and it's way too expensive. I've cut out soda and sweet snacks as well as midnight snacking. I'm exercising almost every day and I walk almost every day. I really needed a meal replacement shake and didn't want a bunch of chemicals. Nor do I want stomach discomfort or something to keep me on the toilet. I decided on the Lean because the reviews were good and so was the price. I was also happy with the ingredients. I have to say, I love it! When I'm almost out I'm going to order a chocolate flavor. I love the vanilla but I want to mix them. I use original almond milk and frozen berries for my breakfast shake. Yum! And lunch I will use water for less calories and I'll usually add my berries. Or an orange. I know some people use yogurt. Haven't tried it. But it dissolves well, gives me a lot of energy and fills me up. I'm very happy with this product! My hubby even drinks it sometimes for energy and nutrition. I highly recommend this! I've only been dieting a couple weeks but I will update my review. And I don't call it a diet anymore. I call it a healthy lifestyle change.

  • Trent Allen - Devil Gummies!!

    These little gummies should be made with little horns on their heads. These bears look so sweet and innocent, yet they have an evil side which is equivalent to eating 100 EXLAX tablets!

  • oOgi - My first real love was the DA

    Before I get into the details of this review ill kick things off by giving you a brief history of my experience with computer gaming mice. My first real love was the DA, after many years I tried using a Zowie for about 5 months and also a Rival for about 4 months but they both just lacked something for me, I ended up on a Logitech G400S.