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  • John - As good as advertised.

    Stuff really works. Holds well. Doesn't take much. Wetting surfaces to be glued is key. Does expand and then needs to have excess removed. Easier to use than epoxy but does many of the same things.

  • A.Dream - Works On All Sorts of Things

    I buy this product from my local Meijers and I love it! I picked it up as an impulse buy while going through the ethnic products section because I'd always been curious about tea tree oil. I'd been having issues with acne and other things. I use it on any acne I have and it always calms it right down. If I get a cut or scrape, I put this oil on. I have always healed slowly and easily get infections, but I heal much faster and without any infection when I use this product. I started using it on my navel piercing and it keeps it moving freely as well as taking care of any irritation or infection trying to become established in the area. It's a very dry oil and I use it on my face and body where ever I'm hesitant to use even a gentle moisturizer because I never break out when I use this. I also have eczema and I've noticed that this product calms that right down as well. I started using this product after shaving and/or using depilatory creams and have noticed less irritation than normal.

  • Leanne P. - Wonderful!

    This product has helped stableize myself mentally and weight wise. Couldn't get my hormones checked because I was "too young" to need to do that. I can tell a big difference in how I feel everyday. And I feel good about takin something to help me that's not just another drug. Thanks so much

  • Wolverine Wilks - MS Office for Mac

    Installation on my mid-2010 MacBook Pro, running 10.9.1, was very quick and easy. And I mean quick. From download to installation it only took 20 minutes. Your amazon receipt contains the key. Just copy it, and paste it after installation, since you won't be able to use your browsers during installation.

  • Natalie Lynn - I got this product for my family to use around ...

    I got this product for my family to use around the house. It helps keep my family eating fresh meat and I can control what is in the beef and where it comes from. One of the most helpful things that we have around our home. I received this product at a free or reduced price.