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  • Norman H. - Doesn't really give useful information...

    Both lights tend to turn on and its hard to tell whether your plug is actually grounded. Not sure if it is a quality defect, but whether there is a true ground or not, there will still be a small amount of light that is shown.

  • Jonathan Wesley Greeley - It's a great knife

    I really like this knife because it is a great sized knife. It's very sharp out of the box (dry shaved hairs off my arm), and the case locks completely. The knife is also balanced very well.

  • GuruJon - Good OEM Racks

    These are a good alternative to the MOPAR racks. The seller has good customer service, and I highly recommend them. They are pretty quiet, but they obviously are going to create some noise. They are easily installed and uninstalled once you have them adjusted. Adjusting only takes a few minutes, with on exception. Two of my front rails were out of adjustment from the factory and the feet/towers did not reach all the way to the ends. The screw holes in the rail were appropriate, but the screws would hit a piece of metal inside the rail before getting to the end of the rail. If this happens, you'll need to encourage the metal block inside the rail to move about 1/8 inch on both sides. I did this using a screw driver shaft inserted through the screw hole to tap the metal block outwards towards the end of the rail. Once correctly positioned installation was a snap. Next on my list is a canoe carrier!