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  • Bryan - A must have for all the Motley Crue fans out there.

    Simple, if you love Motley Crue you must get this. They are my favorite band, seen them 6 times over the last 10 years (two of those times on the final tour) so ofcourse im getting this.This isn't an example of a band retiring then coming back a few years later. This is it. The very last concert Motley Crue ever played. And considering it comes with a blu ray and a CD together its a pretty good price.

  • Paul - Interactive Marvel

    This is the greatest interactive magazine I've read to date. The number of different tips/articles/etc. you can get from the swipe of a finger is amazing. Not to mention, the information contained therein is very helpful to anyone who wants to cook light.

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    This is the first cream that I have used that I can really see a difference. This is my second jar and i will continue to use it. Received it promptly after ordering .

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    I'm so upset with what this product did to my cat. My cat is 13 years old and was looking for a cheaper medication that could help her, I read the reviews and was so hopeful that it would help her. It did not do anything, if anything make her worse! By the second week of medication she had began to throw up twice a day followed by pooping but she never made it to the litter box. This medication almost seemed to make her weaker than what she was before. Scared me half to death. So all those reviews on the main website are a bunch of BS!!!