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  • A. Pinner - I like the product, hate the shipping process

    I have purchased 8 of these... and 7 of them arrived so badly disturbed/shaken that I had to tear open the protective film, reset the tray, and pour the damp rid product back on top...otherwise it wouldn't work properly. Some of of us remember how it used to be; you poured the product on top of the tray, it would capture/dribble moisture down through its holes into the trap container below, pour out liquid, repeat. Now, they these arrive pre-packaged, I guess to make it safer? with a paper like film on top. Well, that is all fine and good, except for the shipping process. I don't know how the 1 out of the 8 made it intact, but the rest were so bad that I worried that it the mixing of the top/bottom reagents would ruin the process. One tub was crushed so badly that product was pouring onto other things in my box... it was a real mess. These big tubs not only have a huge amount of damp rid product on top of the plastic tray... but some sort of absorbant material in the 'catch' tub below...I guess that is to prevent overspilling? Sketchy if you ask me. These WILL MIX during shipment, the tray will become unseated, and the whole thing could become compromised. (Mine did 7/8 times). I am watching mine closely... all 8... because with this freakish hot/humid weather my house needs help. I will update if the tub spills over like other reviewers noted.

  • supernet2 - Far exceeds expectations

    This device far exceeds my expectations. Bluetooth is powerful enough to pipe audio data to the device, it has a AUX in port, and the fact it supports microSD with native support for *.mp3 is great.