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  • Iowadad - This thing has added useless features of a lit planchette and glowing

    Haven't seen a Ouija board since I was a kid and now my kids were excited to try one. This thing has added useless features of a lit planchette and glowing, "hidden" messages on the board because, apparently the fun of Ouija is about technological tricks. That's what's going to intrigue my 21st century ipod playing kids? They wanted to see how the thing can move on it's own and get spooked out. But this stupid thing has a rough board and a pointer that doesn't slide easily on it and so basically isn't a Ouija board at all. The original trick to this is completely lost. Just hate when companies do stuff like this and it's ridiculous that this gets as many stars as it does here. Please don't buy this thing.

  • Jeremy Green - Is it worth it?

    Pro - It's small, plugs in via USB into any Mac or PC, has access to thousands of channels, easy & convenient to use, inexpensive, works as advertised

  • Scan - Very interesting.

    I was interested in reading indigenous teachings, things that have been kept secret. You don't have a lot of restrictions to do the meditations. They are fairly simple compared to others I've tried.

  • Mike C - for your average Sunday golfer

    The workhorse of golf balls. Work fine everytime. If you're one to be picky about the feel and spin control etc. then why are you even looking at these? Get some ProV1 or something. These are for the golfer that likes to occasionally donate balls to the local flora and doesn't want to kick himself for losing a $4 ball.