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  • William Scovill - Awful

    Really zero stars because we cannot play this game. Awful, misleading product. Package says "no additional hardware required". Cannot figure out how this game works. Downloaded the smart phone app and keep getting error message "your session has been interrupted". Evidently this product/app was not tested at all. Do not purchase this game! Big waste of money & time.

  • TerriAnn - No more Navien for me

    System itself is OK when it works. We had numerous repairs done on this unit while it was under warranty (even had the motherboard replaced). Finally get it working well, when the warranty is up. Now we have a leak and Navien will NOT allow us to purchase parts from them, because they only service products under warranty. No one stocks the O-rings that we need and those that do have the ability to order Navien parts tell us that policy dictates they only order parts for licensed plumbers. SO, the $20 O-rings that we need for this oh so simple repair will likely cost us several hundred dollars in labor charges. Next time this unit has an issue (which I imagine won't be long) I will replace it and will never consider Navien products again.

  • jabari - Recording Keeping A Must!

    You neve enough check registers from the bank. Since Debit Cards being used for cash, it's impertative that I have more check registers. I still use this paper system for my records. This was a good buy for the money when compared to making the purchase from the bank. You get more sheets and they are very visable.

  • Bethany Scheler - there is nothing better than eating right and exercising to lose weight

    Most of the negative reviews on here are people who are claiming they did not "lose weight while taking these pills" and "there's no miracle pill". Which is true, there is nothing better than eating right and exercising to lose weight, but i do believe that some pills will help along the way which is where these come in. These pills are a fat BLOCKER, not a fat burner, such as hydroxy cut or any of those type of pills to help you specifically to lose weight. These are to be taken after a greasy, non healthy meal so your body does not absorb all of the fat. Not after every single meal you eat of every single day. These are great if you are eating right and exercising but tend to slip up here or there by eating a slice of greasy pizza or a big old cheeseburger, for example.