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  • Louis Parilla - A Must read ! Open Your Eyes to what really is going on in this World

    Fantastic Book Showing you the Actions & Steps of Why Runs & Control The World ! All people need to read this .The Hidden Secrets !!! Informative & it will open your eyes !!!Great Delivery & Service too

  • Jaron Franklin - Just for looks

    Does absolutely nothing for bug deflection, and completely scews up the windshield washer spray stream.. Only positive is that it looks good.

  • C. Bergonia - Great Warranty Service and a added bonus.

    I really like tactile keyboards versus the laptop keyboards. I am using this on a Macbook Pro for school, work and playing games. It does all three without any issue. A lot of people don't like the synapse software but it works great for me. Turn the windows keys into Mac keys like the 'Option' key. It is true that the keyboard can process multiple keystroke without any issue. Well compared to my Macbook Pro keyboard, which did not do such a good job processing multiple keyboard inputs.

  • For life - A Map for the times we live in

    For some time, so many have expressed that "something is going on". When "Separation of Church & State" = take God out of everything, i.e. schools, government buildings and cemeteries, we realize that something is going on! There are people who have been distorting the true meaning of our Constitution and "we the people" have naively allowed the truth to be turned into a lie. This book paints a clear picture of what has gotten us to this point as a nation, and offers us a clear picture of how to get our nation back! Prayerfully written and thoroughly researched, this book gives the reader direction and hope. Those who wish to rewrite our Constitution expect little resistance from the American people because of the lack of knowledge of our beloved Constitution. Jesus said that people will perish for lack of knowledge. This book will give you the knowledge you need to take action. Time is running out. Get the book. Read it now.

  • ahiker4u - Still hopeful...

    (Mar 2015) I used to use another AMWAY product several years ago that worked so good for my arthritis until they discontinued it. I need something again so I'm trying this product out. Within a week I noticed a slight reduction in pain but not as good as the older product. I will give it more time (2 months) and see what happens. Watch for updated posts.

  • ak2012 - Webroot Antivirus

    I started using Web-root after reading some reviews and comparing antivirus programs. Web-root IMHO is one of the best. It uses few resources operates in a cloud and after installing my ssid drive on my desktop with windows 7 it runs a full scan in 15 seconds. On my slower laptop with newly installed ssid drive it runs in 1.16 minutes. It also has a firewall that runs with windows firewalls and can be setup to your liking. The price here at Amazon is the best and you can't go wrong with this software. Install it and you will never notice it is on until or unless an ad-ware or infection tries to enter your computer. It works great for me and I wouldn't use anything else at this time.

  • Ernie G - Dreams

    I love it. For some reason I have happy and peaceful dreams whenever I use zzz quail. My best sleep ever. Thank you for this great product. E.