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  • Haydee D. - It really works!

    I was getting sick all the time and my doctor recommended this product. I've been taking it for 5 months now and haven't gotten sick, not even a cold. I recommended for anybody with a compromised immune system like myself.

  • Sonya McMillin - snot sucker

    The Baby-VacTM Nasal Aspirator is the best thing every! I suffer from allergies and find that I get nasal congestion quite often. Sometimes blowing your nose just doesn't do the trick. Well this aspirator sure does! Just attach it to the hose of you vacuum cleaner and suck the mucous right out of your nose.

  • DSudd - Great Bargin

    I love this tea. I have gotten my sons and ones girlfriend drinking it also. Buying it this way saves a bunch of money over buying it in the store.

  • Steven Ernst - The best brand....period.

    Application is flawless. I like that they included a suction cup to use to apply the glass. When I've tried other brands, always had tiny bubbles that I could not get out or dust that got caught on edges where I had to hold the glass when applying. Had none of those issues here. The screen is responsive like it isn't even there. Definitely the only brand I will ever buy and recommend in the future. Great product at an amazing price!

  • SwankB - It made my hair manageable!

    Arrived in time and in great condition. I took it straight out of the box and put it to work! Heats pretty quickly, and works as promised. I tried it on my hair (which was not freshly washed, and straight out of cornrows, and still saw a great difference. My hair is natural and ridiculously thick, so any 2-in-1 shortcut is welcomed! This thing here kills two birds with one (heated) brush! Although it didn't get bone-straight, it certainly made my hair more manageable...which is a plus in & of its own.



  • Sussman - My partner swears by this product

    My partner swears by this product - she says it has worked a miracle on her skin type. Her skin type is oily/combo skin, with dry patches on her chin and cheeks. It has cleared a lot of her black heads. She has been using it for about six months, once every three days and already it has minimized the pigmentation and has evened out the tone of her skin. It evens, it brightens, and it clears the skin of acne. It is rather remarkable product, my partner had never used Murad products before but was sold on it by a friend, and she says she is going to start incorporating other products from this line and see how work out, but for now this exfoliator is amazing. It is more on the cleanser spectrum than a harsh exfoliator so it is not recommend if you are comparing it to exfoliators that have sand or sugar beads in them. This stuff is very gentle, a little drying but as she says if you have oily skin then always use a moisturizer after so it does not make the skin flaky. As she attests she has found her Holy Grail cleanser.