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  • 55bird - Starts, runs, & generates A+. Very dependable.

    I needed a continuous 3-Kw. This model does not have 240 volt and for me, the 120 at 30 amps (with surge capacity) fits my uses. Calling it a "Chonda" is okay as this one is as good as my Honda any day and at a significantly lower cost. Only thing to remember is you need a small funnel with a hose to add or change oil. (It does not seem to use any oil and is frugal on gas.) Delivery was fast too. If/when I need another gen set, I will look in this direction first.

  • Susie's hubby - Great game

    I'm a septuagenarian that plays Destiny. The latest Rise of Iron is GREAT. I can fall off Felwinter Peak with the best of 'em. Whether you're a PVP player or PVE player Destiny is the game. The community is unlike any other game I've played.

  • Crzyridder89 - Awesome software!!

    This is one of the best DAT programs I've worked with... The customer service is very friendly. They provide abundant practice tests for the PAT, Math, Reading and Science Tests. They also routinely provide free updates to their software. I am very impressed with their software and highly recommend it if you are serious about improving your score.

  • A.Mazon - Mixed reaction

    Unfortunately I am one if those who did not experience any of the great benefits others found from this product, even after taking it for 4 months. It does have a pleasant flavor and is easy to use.

  • Tyto - Excellent for the money.

    Out of the drawing programs I've tried--Corel Painter 10, GIMP,, and Paint Tool Sai--this one is my favorite. The toolbars took a little while to get used to, not because they are complicated or confusing, but because I was so used to having to browse through a million menu options to find what I wanted. Sketchbook's tools and brush options are easy to locate and, for the most part, actually duplicate the effects of the real media tools they are named after (something I hadn't found in any other program).

  • Jonah R Buchanan - Comfy bike shoes

    I bought these shoes so I could commute and not worry about walking when I needed to. The shoes fit very comfortably, and I am so far happy with them!