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  • 86944T - Don't Buy It

    I was forced to covert from MS Money and have rental property so I decided to try Quicken 2010 Rental Property Manager. I find this a very feature limited product, that fails to meet my expectations. If you are thinking about converting from MS Money to this product, my only advice is DON'T DO IT. I read all of the horror stories about the conversion from MS Money to Quicken, so I hand entered all of my accounts that currently existed in MS Money to get it the way I wanted it. This took 1.5 days. I hand entered 20 days worth of day which took another couple of days. Then I started entering property data. Somethings Tag to the property somethings don't. Its hard to get the reports you want. Simple reports, like how much money have I invested in this property. The support for the product is terrible, and the super users are better than the Intuit employees. Tech support told me that I had to re-enter a months worth of data to get it to tag properly. When dealing with Tech Support or the super users, there never seems to be straight forward way to do something that is intuitively simple. Everything requires a work around because Quicken can't handle it. A prime example. Finance any of your real estate with home equity loans? Quicken can't handle it. I sent my copy back for a refund. My advice, don't waste your time even installing it. Read the other bad reviews on different web sites, and know that they exist for a reason.

  • Dominique - Buy it.

    Excelent book it has a lot of good tips. Its easy to reed and to understans. It also has practice test.

  • MRS. CLAUS - ) I am very happy with this product

    I had been on a well known diet for over 1 1/2 years, loosing very very slowly, until I tired RealDose Weight Loss Formula No.1. Then suddenly the weight started dropping off quickly (I stayed on my original eating plan), but now I was getting weight losses of 2-3 pounds a week instead of .4, .6...each week. Within 6 weeks I was down from (19.5 37 lbs.) I am very happy with this product. It actually works!!

  • Lesley Doukhowetzky - A basic necessity

    I've been preparing taxes professionally for 27 years. Over time I have tried many references, and currently use only this. The plain, jargon-free English is very necessary, if I'm to explain something to a client.