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  • Amee - 77 and going strong!

    My grandmother who is 77 years old has been drinking the Juice Plus Shake mix for ten years at least and taking the capsules for five years is in the most amazing shape. She works in her yard daily and it is beautiful because she is full of energy. That just goes to show what whole food nutition can do for the body. I started taking the capsules about 6 months ago and the shake more recently. The dutch chocolate is so good and it really fills you up. I have been giving my kids the fruit and vegetable gummies which taste awesome as well to help with nutrients they may missing out on. I do have some picky eaters. I would reccomend Juice Plus to everyone and anyone. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about giving your body all it needs to stay free of disease.

  • Steve M. - Workforce is a reliable workhorse, But...

    Epson workforce is a work horse. I have had it for about 6 mos and print everyday. Still haven't filled it with ink yet!.

  • Alan - love this bag

    love this bag, I have taken it all across peru and my campus. it fits snuggly when you don't use the strap and fits very securely when using the strap(had to sprint a couple of times to my destination). this bag has been my companion through a lot adventures and I have grown sentimental with it.

  • Donald - Great beginner's camera

    Great fun camera. I bought it as a gift for someone who loves photography and she was extremely please with it as f fun camera. The pictures are small but cute. Indoor pictures are not the best; however, outdoor pictures turned out nice. A fun camera! If you are looking for professional style pictures I would not order this camera;

  • C. ZHANG - My brother likes it

    Got it for my lil brother who is in the 10th grade. He reads it like a bible. He likes it a lot and helped him tremendously.