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  • AE Horn - Cute Puppy, No Poopy

    My daughter saved her money to buy this puppy and she has been very happy with it--the second time. We had to send the original back because it was making a weird noise, but the second works well. She named it Sunshine and carries it around wherever she goes. Best part--no potty training accidents!

  • Alex - Recommended

    I had seen these in use at my favorite brew pub back in State College, PA before I moved out of there (yes people actually went to a brew pub and drank wine...go figure). So when I saw them on Amazon as a recommendation after I purchased a great little corkscrew I decided to get them. I'm not a wine expert in anyone's opinion, and I drink maybe 3 glasses of wine in a week, so preserving the remainder of what's in the bottle is a good thing. And these seem to do the trick. I was drinking a bottle of Chianti that was horrible when I first opened it last weekend and when I went back for seconds this weekend it was still horrible. But, a bottle of Moscato that was pretty tasty when I opened it last weekend was still pretty tasty when I finished it off today. I'll most likely order an extra supply of the "stoppers" since it only came with 2.

  • rafay - It feels like i'm spraying glue

    It feels like i'm spraying glue. There's no reflective look to it. i wanted a reflective spray paint to help reflect light. This does not do that at all.

  • LSNY82 - Makes my skin feel nice & soft

    I had originally bought this at one of the kiosks in the mall and it was insanely expensive. So glad I found it here though I was really annoyed I threw away all that money the first time. When I rub this on my face it seems to be rubbing off dead skin cells. It looks like its getting out all the dirt because sometimes it will be a darkish color. After using this my skin feels soooo smooth and it also makes the blackheads on my nose less visible. The only problem I have with this product is that it clumps up and gets stuck to my face usually around my cheeks and its tough to get off. You really need to scrub that part off. I actually end up using one of those eyebrow razors to scrape it off.

  • SailorCitrine - The Best Sulfate-Free Shampoo

    I have naturally thick, curly hair. It's color-treated, and very sensitive to sulfate-free color protective products - as in, most of them leave behind a residue that I can only get rid of by using 'normal' shampoo that strips my color. After many, MANY, bottles of other brands of shampoos and conditioners (and I'm talking all over the dollar spectrum too), I've finally found that THIS shampoo & conditioner is absolutely perfect for me. It cleans my hair like it should, without leaving behind any weird oily/clumpy residues, and has kept my red hair relatively vibrant for the past month. I'm very satisfied with this product and would definitely recommend it to anyone trying to find a good sulfate-free system.