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    City: 10.1333 Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

  • Caralucy - Very thorough and realistic

    Well, we haven't gone yet so it somewhat remains to be seen, but this book is very thorough and specific, even giving suggestions about how not to look like a tourist. There is lots of information about how to plan your trip, what is a must see and what you would probably survive without seeing. He talks a lot about how to get the true flavor of Italy and how to plan your time. This book was highly recommended by two co-workers that had gone to Italy so I am anticipating that it will turn out to be as accurate as it seems.

  • Jessica Jones - fat girls can do it too

    Although this workout is hard core it helped that there's a person doing the modified version. When I got tired it's easy to switch and still get the results I wanted. 4 weeks and down 25 lbs this fat girl starting out at 260 can do it so can you!

  • Kim Michelson - The routine isn't that easy to follow

    I have taken Cardio kickboxing classes and this instructor jumps around to fast and too much. The routine isn't that easy to follow. I felt like I was watching a jumping bean.

  • Chad Fetzer - Henckels makes very nice knives, but these are NOT very good

    Henckels makes very nice knives, but these are NOT very good. The edge isn't what I would call serrated; probably more like a fine tooth saw blade. Cutting meat doesn't work well as raw flesh gets stuck to the small teeth of the blade.