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  • Overall Good Information on Diet/Other Useful Books - Overall Good Information on Diet/Other Useful Books

    This book has a lot of good information and successfully combines several different theories of nutrition. One drawback is that they often reference products of their own and consistently use Stevia as a sweetener in their recipes. Lots of people use stevia, but I personally do not like it, therefore I'm back to no foods with a sweet taste. Gail Burton's book, Candida Control Cookbook, does mention a type of vegetable glycerine which may work for a sweetener.

  • R. Larson - Good Quality and Reliability for Sewing Heavier Materials

    I've used this HD Singer for about six months on a monthly basis and have been very satisfied with its quality and reliabilty. I like the fact I can sew heavier materials (jeans, some canvas, regular cloth materials) using the right needle and thread and its easy to use settings for different types of stitches and reversible motion works very nicely. I used an older Singer pro model for creating canvas type products several years ago and this one would almost do the same, but I suspect really isn't built for it long term. The plastic housing seems durable enough and should last for many years. However, keeping it well maintained may surprise me. Comes with a button holer and many other accessories. I purchased metal bobbins and heavier needles to complement this machine, which all work well. The foot control seems cheaply made of plastic, but has worked well so far.

  • Priscilla J. Dell - comments on New American Bible via kindle

    I have vision problems so using the kindle to study the Bible is very much easier than reading the paper text. It is difficult to figure out how to go from text to footnotes in this kindle version. If that could be explained to me I would appreciate it.

  • Connie Faulkner - worst skin line product ever wasted my money on

    One of the worst product lines I ever purchased, another has been celebrity trying to cash in on past fame, touting an inferior product that actually has no benefits. I would rate this product zero.

  • Crystal K. - Read before you buy

    I have always struggled with acne even as an adult. I've tried so many creams...,Creams to control break outs, creams to diminish scars, creams for dry skin due to acne treatment. Yet nothing has worked! I was so exited to find this one to help with scars. I must say I was skeptical. But I thought I'd try it anyway. I have been using it 2x daily for almost two weeks now. I have since noticed slight fading of a few scars. Mostly newer scars. It doesn't fade the scars over night (nothing does) but is definitely worth trying. I think I need more time to get results noticeable to others. I plan to continue to use this and update in a few months.