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Q96 Supplement-New Breakthrough Supplement For Mental Health! - Discover the amazing new Q96 supplement everyone is talking about. Research shows Q96 supports & enhances a positive mood, calmness & the ability to

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  • Marchell - Not worth it for me.

    While this cream smells good, I do not care for it. It hasn't yielded any results, and it almost burns. Kind of like hair bleach. I cannot give much more of a review beyond that. Tried to use this a few times and by the 3rd time I couldn't use it anymore. No results, and I would not purchase again.

  • Tyler - Don't Let The Price Discourage You

    Let me start off with honesty. Earlier today, I received an email from Whites Electronics regarding "a chance to win a TreasureMaster or a $200 coupon" for their official website. I'm not going to lie, this review is the result of me reading that email. Well, 99% of the result anyways. As for the other 1%, I'll begin by saying this: In the past few years, I've purchased 3 Whites Coinmaster metal detectors. Not the Pro model and not the GT model. I've never had issues with this model, I just never really was one to right reviews for things. The email was great motivation; I thought: Hmm. I've owned and still own a Whites Coinmaster, I might as well right a review for it. Now, being aware of the very high-tech and much more sophisticated metal detectors offered by Whites, I have to say that the Coinmaster, to this day, is my favorite model this far (I used to own a Garrett metal detector, as well as a Bounty Hunter metal detector. Neither compare to Whites in my opinion). On to why I'm currently in possession of my 3rd one. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of leaving my detector outside for no more than an hour. After realizing this, and after going outside to bring it in, it was gone. Gotta say, I definitely was far from being in a good mood that day. Can't trust anyone nowadays, but hey atleast a lesson was learned. As for the second Coinmaster I purchased, shortly after my first one disappeared, it was broken due to lack of necessary care. Entirely my fault for that one; I'd rather not go into that story right now. I'll continue buying the Coinmaster until I, one day, possibly decide to purchase a "higher" model. This detector (specifically the one I have today) has paid for itself, as well as the two I owned before it. The discrimation modes are fantastic. Its lightweight and doesn't cause your arm to be sore after awhile of use in the field (though I suppose that could actually depend on the individual using it). It's depth range really isn't the deepest when compared to other models (My friend has a Prizm, not too too different but we did some depth testing in compact soil, sand, and water. The Coinmaster was just a little bit more shallow in each terrain) but when it comes to the price you'd be paying for this machine, it's more than well worth it. The greatest find I've ever made was about 3 years ago at an old foundation of a glass mill. I found 2 $5 Indian Head gold coins, both of which were dated 1914. Some other notable finds were 2 large cents-1820 and 1835, a bottle cap from an old Coke-a-Cola bottle (which actually still had the entire bottle completely intact; that was an awesome find. Never did realize a date for it though, and even though this is somewhat irrelevant, I would like to say that because of this find, I actually picked up the hobby of old bottle searching. One awesome hobby leading to yet another fun hobby; gotta love it). I've come across 7 Ben Frankiln half dollars, all of which were in the same proximity. An 1857 Flying Eagle penny and 13 Indian Head pennies all in the same area, all within about an hour. Unfortunately, about 9 or 10 of them were so eroded that I've deemed it impossible to ever know the dates of them. However I do remember that one was 1882 and there was another one I think dated either 1863 or 1865. There was a night where I found an 1852 seated Liberty dime, followed by an 1804 half cent (The half cent was in an almost "jaw-dropping" state of preservation. I have been meaning to get it authenticated, but I suppose laziness is a real thing). I've found so many things with this detector, probably more than half of which were coins or coin-like objects, like old pins and old caps. You basically get the gist of it by now. I know there's people out there who would look at the price and instantly reject this detector, but take my advice: Don't shroud yourself with ignorance without first examining potential possibilities. This detector is fantastic and Whites deserves my full respect, regardless of whether or not I become selected as a winner in that contest (Which I forgot about as I was typing up this essay. After walking through all of those memories again, along with the ones I haven't stated here, those are all prizes themselves). Thanks for reading, much love from Massachusetts.

  • Heather M. - Great value

    I have been watching Hawaii Five-O since the very beginning and finding this set was a dream. It would have cost too much to buy each season but this set you get everything.

  • Amazon Customer - No time lag, no problems! Have bought 2 so far...

    Bought my second one last week and am purchasing 3 more for Christmas gifts. Paired with bluetooth speakers or earbuds, this setup can easily replace the TV Ears. No more sore ears or wearing gigantic headphones just to hear Doc Martin. Works with every speaker I've tried. You might need to switch the speaker setting on your TV to External Speaker or Audio Out (via the remote) when watching Amazon Prime or Netflix. No big deal. The Miccus Home transmitter/receiver is awesome!