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Home - Get your dog's coat looking and feeling great at Puppy Parlour where they play, learn and socialise in a happy and healthy environment

  • http://puppyparlour.com.au/service-menu/day-care Day Care - Puppy Parlour dog day care is a day minding service for your dog. Our clean and spacious playground consists of indoor and outdoor play areas which allow dogs to run, jump, roll around, lie down and nap.
  • http://puppyparlour.com.au/service-menu/grooming Grooming - At Puppy Parlour, we offer quality and caring services at a competitive price not only to make it readily affordable to dog owners, but also to actually reward and provide incentives for those who look after their dogs’ needs.
  • http://puppyparlour.com.au/gallery Gallery - Puppy Parlour gallery of the fun times experienced at day care and of our before and after photos.

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  • Picky Guy - Job Well Done by Dinesh D'Souza

    Mr. Dinesh D'Souza exposes what has already become universal knowledge. The people who voted against Barack Hussein Obama in 2008 knew he was a Socialist then. But you take those same people, plus many more since 2008, and people have discovered that Barack Hussein Obama is much more than a Socialist; Barack Hussein Obama is a Marxist. The movie is on par with former DOJ civil rights attorney, J. Christian Adams, and his book entitled, Injustice, with regards to the many questionable acts associated with Barack Hussein Obama. While viewing 2016, or even reading print exposing Barack Hussein Obama for what he really is, I stop and think how blessed we really are to have one of the many rights that grants us access to the very truths that help protect us as a nation. The 1st Amendment. 'Thank God the Fairness Doctrine was not enacted"

  • Cory Carpenter - Does what it should do.

    Always remember to buy "new" instead of "renew" with Norton, as it is ALWAYS cheaper. Works as expected. Does not hog system resources as previous versions did.

  • Julia Johnson - works great on bathroom tile!

    I thought my boys had completely destroyed my bathroom - there was nothing I could do to get rid of the stench around the toilet where urine had seeped down into the 60 year old grout & tile. And this is only two boys in, we have two more yet to potty train! First word of advice: don't teach your little boys to stand at the toilet unless you plan on purchasing stock in this company! I doused the floor and walls around my toilet, came back an hour later and swished a little more all around, then let it dry... I probably looked like a crazy person smelling down and around every corner, marveling at the pleasant smell the bathroom hasn't seen since before kids! A little bit of sanity restored. Worth every penny (ie 498 pennies a bottle at Walmart).