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  • DogMom - They scare me!

    I haven't actually tried these, and as a Butch Lesbian, I'm truly frightened to even touch these dainty little things! Good grief...what if the "GIRLY" rubs off on me?! I'm pretty sure my partner is going to come home with some as soon as she sees them, so I will have to be certain not to come in contact with them...ever!

  • Charlie - Confusing and Frustraiting

    I agree with Frozen Toes. I'm currently using this book for an intro computer course which is required before I can take PhotoShop. I have some practical experience with computers but nothing formal.

  • jn31675 - Good for gamers

    My son is a gamer and wanted this for his birthday. He likes it, says it is comfortable. He said it is suppose to be more responsive than a regular mouse and although he hasn't really noticed it, he said he is glad he got it.

  • Louise Bailey - Goodbye aching back!

    This is a wonderful little machine. Takes up little space and is a miracle worker for my back. I could not believe the difference after just one use. So glad I got this. Feel better every day!

  • Elizabeth - Best product on the market.

    Non-greasy and useful all year round. Ran out and tried another product. Nothing compares so I quickly ordered more. I love, love this face product.