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  • Sarah M. Nicholson - Well written and keenly felt for us Scots.

    Brilliant and well-written with minimal historical and grammatical errors. Well worth the read. I'm very happy with the depictions of the deplorable acts committed in Glencoe. When I stop by this week I'll have this book along. No one should be unaware of what went on there, and this book does a beautiful job at painting hope for the futures of the survivors of the atrocities and massacre. As a Scot I give this a hearty two thumbs up. Slainté!

  • Amazon Customer - Use this in recipes or just to eat with chips

    I got this large bottle and ended up using it in several tex-mex recipes and also to eat with chips. It is a little on the spicy side, since it's medium, but it's about right for my family's taste.

  • Lauren - Poor product for the price

    This is a really poorly put together program for the price. Download Duolingo for free and you will get a better program that is also more handy and attractive. I returned this for a refund. Such a ripoff.

  • RandyH - Truth versus repetitive pharmaceutical marketing.

    Like the book says, most of us AND our doctors have been indoctrinated to believe too much stomach acid is the cause of most heartburn and pain. Read the book and you will know why this simply is not true and we are being hooked on antacids and drugs that keep the root problem from EVER being cured.

  • Russell - A wonderful idea with a terrible webpage and horrendous coverage

    I live on the East Coast, not far from DC. If I'm downtown in any of the three largest cities in the area, I get wonderful coverage. If I'm a quarter mile from the second largest mall in the state, slightly to the right of the taco bell, and hopping on one foot, I get some coverage. This isn't like regular 4G on your phone, where it slows down to 3G- this is a 4G ONLY device. It's ok on certain blocks in my neighborhood, and works about 1/4 of the time from my house, but even then I think I have to be a block away.

  • Barbara Bryan - I love this product

    My husband had prostate cancer, and even after his cancer was removed he wanted to keep a healthy lifestyle. We put the Tangy Tangerine in our shakes every morning, along with fruits and vegetables. I love this product.

  • Jamie C Lovell - A useful, honest review of this product after 2 months

    Alright, here it is: the most honest and helpful review. I bought this back in August along with the conditioner. It is now almost the end of October and I see no improvement with my hair loss. Actually, I seem to be losing more hair-but that could be due to the fact that I just started grad school.