Drug Cocktails : Facts about mixing medicine, booze and street drugs - was created for youth to help them “get the facts” about the effects and risks of mixing medications they take with substances like cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana and other street drugs.

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  • JJ Ru - Great Anti acne cream

    Acne Scar Cream from New York Biology - EGF Anti Acne Cream Helps Get Rid of Acne Scars while Hydrating & Regenerating Skin - 1.7 fl oz

  • G. Underwood - The best Tax Book

    I've been doing taxes for years and this is the best source. I tried others but found the organization, writing style, and index best with Lasser. Only complaint was the last time I checked the website was not updated for 2013, including the supplement.

  • Leo Jurgens - I should have highlighted the whole book!

    This short/report hits dead on what many of my peers and I experience with our senior or executive leaders. Though it's a little facetious to say they actually throw tantrums or they wait for someone to bring them their food, it's not *that* far from the truth. I've actually known an exec who didn't shop for himself; a subordinate or his assistant would. I know of another that has done the "San Diego" example in the early chapters. While it seems ridiculous by comparison, give it a read for yourself. You'll find that they don't actually stray too far from being babies.

  • M Lammert - Network connection not needed

    This book is great! We've used The Next Exit books for the past 10 years or so and just bought this edition for our trip to the beach this summer. It's so nice to be able to be able to plan out your next stop with the book's help. We can always look in the book for accurate information on gas stations, restaurants, rest areas, and hotels. We've tried using travel apps on trips that we had forgotten The Next Exit, but had problems with network connections or gps settings travelling through dead zones like mountains or low lying valleys. We never have to worry about network signals with a book. 😀

  • Lisa - Very nourishing oil!

    I received this product so that my significant other could use it. He doesn't have a lot of facial hair and doesn't grow it very long but he has very sensitive skin and is not immune to ingrown hairs and other issues that can result from using products with any ingredients that are not natural. This product really has such a nice list of ingredients there really is no reason a person couldn't use it as a moisturizer for the face or anywhere else. This oil seemed to help right away with a few of the superficial ingrown hairs because it seemed to help with the dry dead skin that sits on top of all of our skin and traps pores along with hairs deep inside. It also seemed to help heal the dry patches of skin around the few spots of adult acne he has for the same reason stated above. His facial hair isn't long enough to need much of any help but it did seem to moisturize the hair and keep it in place and more tame looking without much work on his part.

  • Amanda McCoy - Every Vehicle Needs This

    This is such a useful item to have in your car at all times. First of all the display for the PSI indicator is illuminated so it's easy to see even at night. Then you have the addition of a small LED light that will light up the valve stem so there is no more guess work in trying to get lined up in the dark. The seat belt cutter is great if you were to be trapped, it's definitely a tool you hope to never have to use. There is also a flashlight built into the end in case of late night engine troubles, or other emergencies that can happen on the road. Last but not least is the window breaker. Since the device is fairly large using this will be no problem since you have a pretty sizable object to hold onto. Also it comes with a nice rubber cover to keep the point from injuring anyone when not in use. The gauge is well constructed and extremely easy to use. Great purchase and item came exactly as pictured.