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  • Louver - Basic and Fundamentals!

    I love it because i found the information that i have been looking for about Product ownership, Scrum and Sprint Review in this box set of Paul Vii. The details are in good quality, i can really tell depth of knowledge that the author showed in writing this book. There are some illustration as well that can make you easily understand the discussion. A very considerate move for those not so technical and beginners in this field such as me. Cool stuffs inside and you'd appreciate having this part of your collection.

  • Trish - Great fit & value

    These fit my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee perfectly! Install was simple (hubby is a pilot so he didn't even look at the directions...they are kinda a joke anyways) & I hear no noticeable wind noise. Another review gave very detailed install directions. I would recommend following those & tossing the directions that comes with it. Overall, for the money, you will not be disappointed.

  • Radio_Dad - Works like a Charm - great lubricant!

    I like Slick 50 products, and this lubricant works as advertised. Reduced squeaks in my car, keeps the hood and door parts moving well, and seems to last longer than competing products. Yeah!!

  • Jacob - LMAO while he CHAO

    Alright, let's cut to the chase. I saw multiple videos and reviews of this product, and let's just say the bully that has been stealing my lunch doesn't anymore.

  • Susan Kelly - Shipped Wrong Disk - Took Ages to Arrive

    The item itself is great! Getting the item took about 3.5 weeks. They shipped me the wrong item, and when I FINALLY got the free tag to send it back for 1 day mail, they took an entire week to send me a new game! I was very upset about this as I ordered it at the beginning of June and did not receive it until the end of the month (this weekend.)