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  • Karl Voiles - Just a whisper

    At the urging of another reviewer, I too listened to the Beatles White Album whilst using these cables. And faintly, ever so faintly, I heard "buy Tuscan Milk, 128 fl. oz."

  • Keegan - No mesh to protect waterproof membrane, but still a solid jacket

    I wish the inside had mesh to protect the waterproof membrane on the inside (some other brands like Columbia do this). But other than that, it's a solid jacket. It's not Gore-Tex, but it's kept me dry in some pretty heavy downpours. Includes pit zips, a bit of Velcro to roll hood up under collar, and side pockets include zippers.

  • Stacey Cavaglieri - HESS is the best!

    Want a cool toy for your boy? Well Hess makes the best toys! We will buy the new HESS truck every year! Every boy that comes to play goes right for the Hess toys. They are built to last! Way to go HESS!!!

  • Risig - Awesome oil

    I love this oil, been using it for over 3 years now. It doesn't leave the hair greasy and hair is easy to handle. I use it right after I shampoo my hair and put on my scalp and just a littler on the rest of the hair to have some shine. Oh and the smell is awesome. Would recommend it...

  • Moxie - Subjective Surprise!

    Subjectively, I must say for pain registering above 5 on the pain scale, this instrument is not effective. However, the surprise came when I had pain at about 3-to-4 and this little bugger actually did provide relief. I used it on #4 and did two 15 minute sessions back-to-back. I got up, walked around, and was able to do so---pain free! Wow! That's a first. Vicodin doesn't do that for me!

  • Retired and Loving It - Reduced total by one digit!

    The product installed all the updates. After entering the information, my refund looked enormous. I rechecked my entries and they were accurate. Then I noticed that only 10 percent of my income was in the total income line. I could do nothing!

  • rhys26 - Old, abused, used engine is still kicking!!

    We drive a heavily abused, by prior owner, old Jeep Grand Cherokee. She is old, amd she shows it. Stock parts that have lasted almost 20 years are starting to go. So when we decided we need to address her oil leak without actually fixing the problem (she has bigger issues) for a bit, we turned to this. We originally used as directed on the bottle and she stopped leaking so much, and ran a little smoother. When the radiator therm blew and a mechanic friend was helping me get it replaced he mentioned our oil leak and that we should get to it. After the laundry list of what needed to get done first he advised that we stop messing around with conventional oil amd just use straight Lucas'. We have ever since. The leak is minimal now, and my engine is doing great.