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  • GreenDoorD503 - Perfect for Pole!

    My pole studio sells Mighty Grip for 20$. I bought this for 7.99 (free shipping) and it has been awesome. I stick really well to the pole and have to reapply only occassionally, just like I did with mighty grip. Great for putting on your hands and inner thighs for a better grip!

  • Chinadoll - Worth every penny I spent!

    I was skeptical about this item at first. I've bought so may things that did not work as promised. I bought this item just before Thanksgiving. I was afraid to cook my turkey in it for fear that it would not come out right. The first thing I cooked was a steak. One from frozen and the other thawed. (We eat our meat well done) They both came out tender and juicy. (Better than any steak I've ever had) Impressed with the steak I tried Cornish hen then chicken breast, turkey sausage, bacon, baked potatoes, turkey burgers and finally for Xmas a 12lb turkey. I have to say the bacon taste better to me from the oven and the baked potatoes are better from the microwave depending on how big they are. The star was the Xmas turkey at 2hrs 15mins next year I'll cook it the day of the holiday without fear....tender, juicy, and brown.. just right. By far the best turkey ever. I would advise that the cook times are close but not exact so set and forget is not the best rule when you first get the oven. You'll need to play with the time a little. I've not had to cook anything less than the time given (more but not less). This is better than any George grill I have. Amazon is the best place to buy due to the prices. I bought mine from the infomercial. I ordered white because the black was extra. I was not sure if I would end up keeping it. I didn't know if it would work as promised. Just FYI -The cord is not very long and it's kind of bulky but I have an island so it works out for me. It's about the size of a commercial size can of food give or take more or less. I paid a lot more to get all the unnecessary stuff that came with it. The twister thing was a waist of money for s/h.. I've not tried the party mixer but If it's anything like the twister it's going to be in my next yard sale too. Good luck!

  • Olivia - My cat nearly died from this product

    I originally gave this product 5 stars because it seemed to be a miracle solution for my 11yr old male Maine Coon. He gets terrible fleas and even drops had stopped working. This got rid of his fleas, but something much worse eventually happened. We started noticing that he was drinking and eating constantly but wasn't getting fat, if anything he seemed skinnier. We took him to the vet for the senior lab panel that the vet had recommended at his yearly checkup earlier this year. First off, we were astonished that he had dropped from 9 to 6.6 lbs!!! We thought maybe it was diabetes, but that was ruled out, along with kidney failure, thyroid, and just about everything else. The vet was stumped.

  • Cap'n - ok, nothing real special

    It does help my wrist somewhat, but it is harder than I was expecting. I don't see how there could be memory foam in it unless it is a paper thin piece of it with a really dense base foam. Ergonomics nice, materials could use some improvement...