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Powell Dentist Serving Powell, Dublin & Columbus OH | Dentists 43065 - Powell Dental Care in Powell OH is known for gracious hospitality, comprehensive examinations and a great staff serving Powell, Dublin and Columbus, Ohio.

  • http://powelldentalcare.net/our-office-team/ Dentist Office | Powell Dental Care | Powell OH - Powell Dental Care's office has dental equipment concealed behind furniture-like cabinets. Dental chairs deliver a gentle massage and lights are non-glare.
  • http://powelldentalcare.net/our-team/ Dental Team | Powell Dental Care | Powell OH - Meet the entire Dental Team at Powell Dental Care in Powell OH including our assistants, hygienists, and doctors.
  • http://powelldentalcare.net/services/ Sleep | Dental | Services | Powell Dental Care | Powell OH - Dr. Waddell and Dr. Miller, as well as the entire staff at Powell Dental Care, make a deliberate effort to educate patients on their treatment options.
  • http://powelldentalcare.net/services/advanced-sleep-center/ Sleep Apnea | Powell Dental Care | Powell OH - Powell Dental Care in Powell OH offers treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Snoring & can determine if your snoring is indicative of a more severe problem
  • http://powelldentalcare.net/preventive-dentistry/ Preventive | Dentistry | Powell Dental Care | Powell OH - Preventive Dentistry from Powell Dental Care Includes: Exams, Cleanings, Fluoride Supplements & Dental Sealants, Mouthguards, Gum Disease Treatment and more
  • http://powelldentalcare.net/dental-implants-implant-dentures/ Dental Implants | Powell Dental Care | Powell OH - Dental implants offer unrivaled comfort, stability, and longevity for many patients.The implant acts like a tooth root supporting a custom crown.
  • http://powelldentalcare.net/crowns-bridges/ Bridges | Crowns | Powell Dental Care | Powell OH - At Powell Dental Care, we use crowns to protect weak teeth, restore broken teeth, cover discolored or badly shaped teeth, and to replace missing teeth.
  • http://powelldentalcare.net/teeth-whitening/ Teeth Whitening | Powell Dental Care | Powell OH - At Powell Dental Care, we recommend take-home teeth whitening. This method involves custom-made trays and a professional-strength bleaching solution.
  • http://powelldentalcare.net/veneers-smile-makeovers/ Veneers | Powell Dental Care | Powell OH - Veneers are thin, custom-made shells crafted from quality dental ceramics. These porcelains allow light to shine through for an extremely natural appearance
  • http://powelldentalcare.net/cosmetic-dentistry/ Cosmetic Dentists Powell, OH - Dublin, OH - Columbus, OH - Powell Dental Care offers cosmetic dentistry, bonding, teeth whitening, veneers, Invisalign & dental crowns for patients Dublin, Powell, and Columbus Ohio.
  • http://powelldentalcare.net/tmjtmd-solutions/ TMJ | TMD | Solutions | Powell Dental Care | Powell OH - Powell Dental Care takes a whole-body approach to dentistry. We will examine your jaw joints and bite alignment to ensure your teeth do not cause you pain.
  • http://powelldentalcare.net/invisalign-clear-braces/ Invisalign | Clear Braces | Powell Dental Care | Powell OH - Invisalign from Powell Dental Care in Powell OH is a popular alternative for adults wanting straighter and healthier teeth without traditional metal braces.
  • http://powelldentalcare.net/custom-sport-mouthguards/ Custom | Sport | Mouth Guard | Powell Dental Care | Powell OH - Powell Dental Care in Powell OH can fit individuals for custom sport mouthguards.
  • http://powelldentalcare.net/new-patients/ Dentist | New Patients | Powell Dental Care | Powell OH - Quality care from Powell Dental Care in Powell OH dictates that each new patient start with a comprehensive dental exam.
  • http://powelldentalcare.net/new-patients/online-patient-forms/ Patient Portal | Online Patient Forms | Powell Dental Care - Powell Dental Care made new patient forms available to you online. Fill out your forms in the comfort of your home, so you can see the dentist immediately.
  • http://powelldentalcare.net/new-patients/payment-options/ Payment Options | Powell Dental Care | Powell OH - Our coordinators have received continuing education in insurance processing, so they can file your claim for you & make every effort to maximize benefits.
  • http://powelldentalcare.net/mythbusters/ Dental | Myths | Powell Dental Care | Powell OH - Powell Dental Care in Powell OH answers a lot of the myths about dental care including treatments, gum health, jaw pain and much more.
  • http://powelldentalcare.net/contact-us/ Contact | Powell Dental Care | Powell OH - Contact us at Powell Dental Care in Powell OH by phone, email to set up an appointment with our knowledgable and courteous staff.
  • http://powelldentalcare.net/contact-us/make-an-apppointment/ Appointment | Scheduling | Powell Dental Care in Powell OH - Schedule an appointment with Powell Dental Care in Powell OH, it's easy to use our form to choose the time and day that works best for you.
  • http://powelldentalcare.net/contact-us/patient-survey/ Patient | Survey | Powell Dental Care | Powell OH - Powell Dental Care in Powell OH appreciates you taking the time to complete our survey. Please feel free to comment on your visit as well.

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  • mlcreature - Better for Middle Reader/Young Adult Authors

    It's no doubt a great book. No buyer's remorse here. However, much of the information is weighted to middle reader and young adult authors. I wish there was more info re picture books.

  • Tricia - Love it

    Loved this series a must read she did it again I fell in love with mayhem he is bae loved the relationships and he growth. A must read

  • D. McGehee - Retinol Cream

    I have been using the Retinol Cream with the Vitamin C Serum for 3 weeks and they are working great. My skin is looking much better and my deep wrinkles are becoming less noticeable. Love this stuff and will buy it again.

  • mhughes - Great product

    Started using this foundation primer about a year ago and saw the results immediately. It goes on smooth and feels good. My foundation stays on evenly and throughout the day. Of all the products of Laura Mercier that I use, this is by far the best! I recommend it.

  • Amazon Customer - We only needed one but this was less expensive than ...

    We only needed one but this was less expensive than buying just one and we have others "just in case." The Toyoto emblem is not in the center but I did see that they were sold separately.

  • Happy! - Arrived broken - fixed now

    Sunday 10/10 - I was so excited to receive my elliptical! However after we lugged it in the house and put the first pieces together we discovered the electrical wire from the fly wheel to the console mast was split. It looks like it was packed poorly and the wire casing rubbed up against the metal mast piece inside the fly wheel and cut it apart. The wires inside were split. So after all that work, I have to wait. We'll see how long it takes Sole to fix it...