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  • Jen S - Amazing!

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  • Mike Blake - Beyond words, Great!

    In what may be the best series of UFO books ever written, Albert Rosales presents some of the most fascinating cases ever published. There are four books in the series total and I recommend reading them all. In this book, one of the stories I would like to point out is the alien in Walmart. David Jacobs latest book could have confirmation in this book. I would also like to point out The sources Albert used are some of the best, like Lon's Phantoms and Monsters. If you have not read any of these books or are on the fence about buying them, I can tell you almost every page has a fascinating case that will keep you riveted. The book includes photos and drawings as well. The Texas 2012 ball of light sitting on the road photograph is my favorite. I love these books. Thank you for writing them.

  • Toua Y - Does what it says

    Pros: Gets sticky stuff off with the quickness. I usually don't spray it on directly. I apply it to a towel and then just start wiping. I have removed decals, stickers, sticky residue, and tape with this. Everything comes out clean.

  • bikerg - This was poor quality control

    Product was poorly finished. One side edge of the fabric was cut inaccurately leaving a piece of the fabric hanging off the edge. This was poor quality control. Vendor made good by crediting me 15% of the cost of the item. One extra star for the service. Otherwise this product is worth 2 stars just based on the quality.

  • Rosalind - Perfect for breakfast bar

    Most of our meals are eaten at a high breakfast bar, so this chair is perfect for allowing my son to eat at the table with the rest of the family. The only drawback is that he is small enough to be able to put his foot on the seat and push himself up out of it. There is a strap across the lap, which secures him slightly, but a 5 point harness would be a lot more effective.