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  • Lindy A - Roxio Creator a Real Lemon

    I would love it if it worked the way it should. Hard to set it up also to get it to burn Dvd's Finally got it to work then after the computer crashed had to set it up all over again. I had a hard time with it but after the second time the computer crashed it didnt work for more than a full year. It has been over a year since it stopped working. I now can get it to copy discs and to make music data discs(CD's). I dont know if I will be able to get one of my videos on it anymore. It now finally works fine in copying DVD's and Cd's without a problem . So being without having an application that will create a DVD has backlogged me quite a bit. If the application worked I would give it at least 4 stars but due to the fact it has been dormant and also I dont have anything else that will burn Dvd's I am being generous to give it two stars. I dont hate it other wise I would give it the one star. It is not a good application and came with very little instructions and no help from the company that produced it. If you want to take a gamble and buy this product my suggestion to you would be to buy it only if it is very cheap. This way you wont feel too badly if you wind up trashing it.

  • Michael D. Paradis - Excellent Choice

    Very nice extender with built in home automation. Easy and fast set up. Stronger signal than original almond, one of Amazon's highest rated extenders, plus has zigbee HA 1.2 support. Works with Securifi's own flood sensor, motion sensor and key fob which were also released on Amazon today for excellent prices. I have been using this for several months as a beta tester and it works very nicely. It can be used as an access point, range extender or a router. If you didn't want to use any of those you can still use it as a smart hub with control available from an android app, iOS app, local web UI, TouchUI (lcd screen), cloud website and there is work on a windows universal app. For a more powerful wifi router with AC and extended range I would recommend their Almond+ which includes Z-Wave control as well but this perfect for someone renting or living in a smaller place or looking to test out home automation for themselves. I use this to extend my network from my Almond+ into an attached garage that would otherwise require 2 -3 devices in between due to distance and structure in the way. Highly recommended for those interested in home automation and control especially if you already want a range extender or new router!

  • L. huckabey - Wish I had read this sooner!

    One of the best books for self healing. Dr. Campbell-McBridge offers down to earth advice on how to change your diet to help with ADHD and depression. The book is easy to understand and the author does not try to sell you a ton of supplements to accompany the diet plan.

  • James Owen - It really works

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  • OnlineShopper - Oragold is a scam product - except for high publicity ...

    Oragold is a scam product - except for high publicity, grand prices, sales pitch and high end display in store the product is nothing but cheap chemicals - don't put anything on your skin - check the ingredients - their is nothing special in this product then a normal product found in walmart or target for that matter. Clearly scam and exorbitant price

  • Derek - Also fit 06-10 model

    Took a risk and got these for my 07 charger knowing they were not meant for my model, but figured it would be fine if they only slightly didn't fit. Happy to post that they fit excellent!