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  • M. Tomerlin - Find out what is really goin on in world politics

    Find out where world is heading govern by "invisible" rule of illuminates, what is in their agenda and how will end by their plans.

  • Amazon Customer - ... ends are not the same legnth front and back like they where on my 1998

    The ends are not the same legnth front and back like they where on my 1998. So when i put the kayak carriers on, they where offset by a few inches. Other than that they are great

  • Michael P. Higgins - easy and effective

    Like a lot of computer uses at home I share some paranoia regarding viruses and Trojans and so forth. I have used Panda and Zone Alarm and several others but I found Avast both easy and effective to use, and fairly inexpensive. It is really good for what I need (Panda and Zone Alarm, to me, are like using a 155 mm cannon on what I encounter) and I highly recommend it. I find the almost continual updates on the anti-virus front crucial. What I most fear is a malicious program that could interfere with the actual operation of my machine. Since using AVAST I haven't encountered that so I'm satisfied.

  • MarinTrader - Good but pricey

    I read the "Turbo Protein Diet" book which heavliy marketed and based its diet on the Almased powder. To give the diet a fair chance, I ordered the Almased. While it appears to be of high quality, thickens up the shake well (I only used water to limit the amount of calories and carbs), and tastes acceptable - it does help you drop pounds as promised in the book. HOWEVER, I am big on getting good deals and getting the most for my money. To this aim I also ordered Spirutein strawberry flavored protein powder. After losing 10 pounds on the Almased, I started flavoring my shakes with the Spirutein. Once I ran out of Almased, I continued the diet using only the Spirutein with the same results. Another 10 pounds lost. My non-scientific conclusion? You can get the same results using Spirutein, save over 30% the expense of Almased, get a better tasting shake and Spriutein also comes in banana, chocolate and other flavors. BTW - Spriutein is also non-GMO, all natural and very comparable to Almased.

  • homeschoolmom - Great hubcaps at a great price

    The hubcaps were of good quality and cost FAR less than what the dealer wanted for a single hubcap. They were easy to install as well. As long as you don't mind not having the official Toyota seal in the middle of the cap, these are fantastic. For a savings of about $65 PER HUBCAP, I can live without the seal.

  • carpenter - Absolutely necessary

    There has never been a book more valuable for anyone who wishes to write succinctly and effectively. This book stands head and shoulders above all the others and always has. Don't hesitate. Buy it and use it on a regular basis and you will see a wonderful difference in how you express yourself in your writing, whether it is for personal, business or school communication.