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  • Donny - Gaga is Growing as an Artist - She has Found Her Way

    I think this is Lady Gaga's best work, honestly. I loved all of her prior albums, but I enjoy the fact that she's performing things closer to her heart. She set the stage for mainstream pop, now she's moving it forward again by showing other female artists that they can make the music they are passionate about. Thank you, Gaga for this. This album is beautiful.

  • NoWireHangers - Unintentionally funny

    "2012 Doomsday" is funny for all the wrong reasons. On the surface, it's an apocalyptic horror movie, but it spends a lot of time on religious discussions. It mixes together Mayan and Christian prophecies about the end times and the result is a confusing mess. Add to this bad acting and special effects and you get a movie that is unintentionally funny, sometimes hilarious. Recommended for those who love bad movies.