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  • Jeremy Colton - Supplement to, not substitute for c-pap

    Because they're made of stretchy stuff they wear out... which is ok, I just buy more. A chin strap was recommended by my MD and it's cheaper and easier to buy these than to order them through the c-pap supply house

  • Batiki - I love this cream

    I love this cream. First the light smell of roses is so soothing; secondly it glides on like silk and it is very cooling - great for someone who is living in hot flash territory. It is a very effective cream in that it is not too heavy and is a perfect base for makeup. I do appreciate that there is NO sunscreen in it - making to great for night use or for people like me who are sensitive to sunscreens. I've had this product recommended to me at several different unrelated retail spots as well as on-line due to its' good reviews. Great product, Perricone keep it up!

  • brickheadcmr - Buy It - worth the price VERY Accurate BP Monitor

    This is a great little machine and the app is perfect for keeping track of your BP. It holds a charge for weeks but is really easy to charge with your iPhone charger anyway. It reads very accurately and gets rid of that paper log you can never find. I have tested the accuracy at the doctors office and it measures the same. This is my second one... I dropped the first and it stopped working so be careful with the base it will break if you drop it.

  • Pauline Lindsay - Love love love it

    Love love love it! This spa does everything they say it will - easy to use and my skin has b=never been so great!!

  • Melinda - Happy Belly, Happy Momma :)

    This is great for my growing belly that is so itchy from the stretching. When I first put it on it was a bit oily but it didn't take long for the moisture to soak in and I could put my shirt down and had no problems with it getting on my shirt. It is very easy to apply and the smell is very friendly. It reminds me of my essential oils, nice and clean and made me feel good about putting it on my skin to help with my growing belly and the related skin aliments that goes along with it. The tub is easy to open and has a great amount, this could last me a very long time, it doesn't take much and the tub is nice and full. It is yellow tint in color and really overall is pleasing to use. It left my belly feeling very soft. :)

  • TinyMomma - RIP OFF

    I just purchased this product along with the nail file buffer/cuticle oil/lotion kit and am extremely livid. Not only was the salesman at the kiosk in the mall overly pushy and convincing, but he also used the exact same jargon as a previous review "student discount", except this guy said "Are you Jewish"? "If you are, you get the "Jewish student discount". He was marketing this product to sell for $80, but would give it to me for $40. Now that I see what it actually retails for, I'm so pissed. I'm going to try to return it. BEWARE OF MALL KIOSKS!