Pediatric Pulmonologist - Dr. Peter N. Schochet - Pediatric pulmonologist Dr. Peter Schochet can help you identify symptoms of asthma and other lung diseases in your child and explain what causes asthma.

  • Plano Location - Pediatric Pulmonologists - Dr. Peter Schochet and Dr. Hauw Lie specialize in pediatric pulmonology and pediatric medicine in the Plano, Allen and Flower Mound metropolitan area.
  • Contact - Pediatric Pulmonologists - Dr. Peter Schochet and Dr. Hauw S. Lie, pediatric lung specialists treat lung disease in children like asthma, reactive airway disease (RAD) and others.
  • About - Pediatric Pulmonologists - About Pediatric Pulmonary Specialists: Dr. Peter Schochet and Dr. Hauw Lie, are dedicated to the care of infants, children and adolescents with lung disease.
  • Peter N. Schochet, MD - Pediatric Pulmonologists - Dr. Peter Schochet, board certified pediatric pulmonologist, specializes in treating children with lung disease in the Plano, Allen and Flower Mound area.
  • Hauw S. Lie, MD - Pediatric Pulmonologists - Dr. Hauw S. Lie, MD is a specialist in Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine. His office is located in Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano.
  • Office Tour - Pediatric Pulmonologists - Welcome to our office tour for for pediatric pulmonologists Dr. Peter Schochet and Dr. Hauw Lie.
  • Pediatric Lung Diseases Disorders - Pediatric Pulmonologists - Pediatric Lung Specialists, Dr. Peter Schochet and Dr. Hauw Lie, provide evaluation and treatment for all pediatric pulmonary  diseases and disorders.
  • When See Pediatric Pulmonologist - Pediatric Pulmonologists - Pediatric pulmonologists are specialists best at providing a comprehensive evaluation of breathing disorders in children.
  • Stridor (Noisy Breathing) - Pediatric Pulmonologists - Stridor (noisy breathing) is abnormal breathing produced by turbulent airflow through a partially obstructed airway located extrathoracic.
  • Anatomy of a Child's Lung - Pediatric Pulmonologists - Anatomy of a child's lung,  a pair of air filled organs made of lung parenchyma, key component in respiratory system, is similar to that of an adult.
  • Asthma - Pediatric Pulmonologists - Childhood asthma (pediatric asthma) is a chronic inflammatory disease that results in obstruction of the airway passages (bronchial tubes).
  • Asthma Treatment in Children - Pediatric Pulmonologists - Asthma treatment in children includes long term medications to control asthma symptoms, thus preventing damage to growing lungs.
  • Recurrent Pneumonia in Children - Pediatric Pulmonologists - Recurrent pneumonia in children refers to lung infections causing inflammation of the air sacs caused by Bacteria, fungi, parasites or viruses.
  • Synagis® Injection for Infants - Pediatric Pulmonologists - Synagis® Infant injections  (palivizumab) is a prescription injection of antibodies to help protect high-risk infants from respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection.
  • Pediatric Aspiration Syndromes - Pediatric Pulmonologists - Pediatric aspiration syndromes include all conditions in which foreign content are inhaled into the lungs. 
  • Postnasal Drip in Children - Pediatric Pulmonologists - Postnasal drip (PND) in children occurs when excess mucus created by nasal and sinus disease runs down the back of the throat.
  • Diving Medicine - Pediatric Pulmonologists - Diving medicine involves treating illnesses and injuries to the respiratory system including decompression sickness, barotrauma, arterial gas embolism, and pneumothorax.
  • Pulmonary Tests Procedures - Pediatric Pulmonologists - Pediatric Lung Specialists, Dr. Peter Schochet and Dr. Hauw Lie perform pulmonary tests and procedures to evaluate and treat children's lung disorders.
  • Flexible Bronchoscopy - Pediatric Pulmonologists - Dr Schochet performs Flexible Bronchoscopy, an important procedure for evaluating the pediatric airway; vocal cords, trachea, bronchi and bronchioles.
  • Patient Information - Pediatric Pulmonologists - Dr. Peter Schochet, Dr. Hauw Lie and their staff will provide you with patient information forms to assist you with your child’s healthcare needs.
  • Financial Responsibility Policy - Pediatric Pulmonologists - Financial Responsibility Policy for board certified pediatric pulmonologists Peter N. Schochet, MD, PA and Hauw S. Lie, MD in Plano, Texas.
  • Cancellation and No Show Policy - Pediatric Pulmonologists - We request that you provide at least 24-hour notice of cancellation. This will enable the physicians to offer that time slot to other patients .
  • Gallery - Pediatric Pulmonologists - Gallery pages of images for pediatric pulmonologists Dr. Peter Schochet and Dr. Hauw.
  • HIPAA Notice of Privacy Policy - Pediatric Pulmonologists - This Notice describes how Peter Schochet, MD, PA may use and disclose my protected health information.

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