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  • R.K. - Does WONDERS! Super effective.

    This is a super effective medication for sinus infection, chest congestion, which does not have any American analog, and, sadly, is not allowed here in US. I was introduced to it by my German friends while traveling in Europe. You may find these pills in many countries around the world. I have a real hard time trying to understand why there are so many really great products with the proven track record, virtually no side effects, very inexpensive and could be sold over the counter, would not make its way to the American market... especially nowadays when there are so many people here who either cannot afford a medical insurance or have to pay a fortune to see the doctors, and at the end get the traditional antibiotics in order to get even more sick?! What is wrong with this picture?

  • Harold Ray Davis Jr - One of the best devices in my arsenal

    One of the best devices in my arsenal...sit in the stand or blind and watch what's happened, and when, over the last few days.

  • Paul Roche - Not ready for primetime

    I downloaded it and it was fine, but then I downloaded the R5 patch and I could no longer use the product. I followed their guidelines to fix it, but no luck. I gave up and restored my 2012 version. I think they have a nerve releasing something like this while not supporting their oldest versions. I LOVE QB and Quicken in general, but this really left a bad taste in my mouth.