PA SPREAD | PA Spreading Primary Care Enhanced Delivery Infrastructure - Health care today must be accountable for outcomes, costs, and patient experiences—commonly called the Triple Aim. A promising new model of care that addresses the Triple Aim is the Patient Centered Medical Home. The Medical Home model helps primary care offices reorganize into teams to ensure patients receive the evidence-based care they should, coordinate patient…

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  • Amazon Customer - Not a bad read

    A little bit tongue and check. But not to bad if you just want to read something that doesn't take too much thought.

  • Darthneko - Rough start but got better

    By the end I mostly liked this book, but the beginning was rough. It felt the none of the characters were really given the attention they deserved until half of them were removed from the scene and the author could actually focus on the main three, which was when I found myself actually enjoying it. Prior to that it felt like a lot of cardboard cut outs - the paranoid xenophobic military team leader, the cautious calm mediating female medic, the timid bookish but actually amazing heroine, the player jock with a heart of gold for the right woman hero. Yawn! It wasn't until halfway through that Jane grew a backbone and actually WAS amazing that the pace of the book picked up and the characters felt more alive.

  • Amazon Customer - WHAT A SCAM!

    This has to be the worst product ever. I have been using Osteo Biflex since I had knee surgery in 2005 per my doctor's recommendation. It works pretty well, but I started having a few foot problems, I decided to try this because it is supposedly the best per some websites. After taking it for one week, I have had more pain than in the last 9 years AND my hair and skin started getting so dry that my hair felt like straw. I wasn't sure it was the Flexoplex, so I decided not to take it and get back on Osteo Biflex. After two weeks, I feel better, much less pain and my hair shines again and my skin isn't like a lizard. They say there is a 60 day money back guarantee, but they won't take back an unsealed bottle. So how can they offer a guarantee when you have to open the bottle to try it. It's another scam.