| om bhur bhuvah svaha tat savitur varenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo nah prachodayat om - om bhur bhuvah svaha tat savitur varenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo nah prachodayat om

  • About | - penso che stiamo vivendo una esperienza meravigliosa. la vita in sè è un grande dono, ma in questo particolare momento di confusione, di caos, di falsi esperti, di manipolazione siamo chiamati ancora di più a far sentire la nostra voce. la voce di chi ha capito che non esiste solo la sofferenza, i falsi problemi…
  • prevenire è meglio che curare? sicuri? | -   veramente il primo imperativo della medicina lo coniò ippocrate qualche millennio fa, PRIMUM NON NOCERE,  ma noi uomini moderni, chiaramente, lo abbiamo dimenticato, ma facciamo di meglio (direte voi). cosa? la prevenzione. sicuri che sia meglio? la frase che dà il titolo a questo post l'avrete sentita talmente tanto che vi sarà entrata in testa in…
  • gli altri vangeli e le bugie storiche della chiesa | - su cosa si poggia l'autorità storica della chiesa? sui vangeli, sulla bibbia...che sono un clamoroso falso. o meglio opere scelte tra tante altre, edulcorate di verità più profonde e rimaneggiate a man bassa aggiungendo sciocchezze a profusione. naturalmente bisognava distruggere anche le altre opere, quelle che contenevano verità più profonde e vere, e per questo…
  • 18 principi di vita…dalai lama | - dopo parecchia assenza, vi posto qualcosa di molto interessante trovato in rete.  molti insegnamenti del dalai lama sono davvero suggestivi. in ultimo una precisazione: la mia assenza, perchè? perchè spesso non voglio ripetere cose già dette, e perchè sento il bisogno di fare capire a molti  che in questo momento bisogna più che cercare fuori,…

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  • stacers - The only soap we'll use on my little guy

    We have a sweet little toddler with sensitive skin and this product has been our staple from the start. He loves to play with the foam and if he decides to taste it, I'm not as concerned as I would be with other soaps. He has never had a rash from this one like he's gotten from other soaps and it has a nice light scent. We love that it is so natural and safe.

  • Michael D. Shoup - Excellent Product

    I installed two of these in the center council of my 26 foot power catameran,one facing the bow and the other facing the stern, and they sound great. The Rockford Fosgate web site gives the exact dimension for the enclosure for their speakers and I was able to build the enclosures and conceal them in the council. The speakers sound great. Our boat is usued about 30 percent of the time for fishing and 70 percent of the time for recreation and with a boat full of kids we love being out tubing and wakeboarding with the music cranked up a bit. These subwoofers provide sound you can feel even over the sound of the motors.

  • Debbie-Dew - a must have for those who love their defuser.

    I ordered these to use in my new oil defuser. When it arrived they were packaged very nicely and in a well secure box. The fragrance of each are just awesome. About the Product

  • Grandma - Wonderful

    Found out about this product from a book written by a doctor and the name of the book is; The High Blood Pressure Hoax. This product is one of several other supplements I found mentioned in this book and has gotten me completely off medication for hypertension.

  • Roberta Flack - Horrible. I will not watch it

    Horrible. I will not watch it. In the first 10 minutes, the violence and gore against characters we know and love is ridiculous. We're not talking about zombies anymore; now we have to watch humans violently assaulted. Nobody needs this in their lives. Why sit through it? Find something positive to watch, or at least something that's not devolved into a gory blood bath. A shell of what the show used to be.

  • Honest Reviewer - Read the reviews before you purchase.

    I received this wall mount at a discount for my honest review and I have a duty to the amazon community to deliver just that. I couldn't leave my TV up on the wall for more than a day, even after all the brain wracking it took to install. I don't think it would have held longer than 5 days and I was terrified that it would drop and hurt tone of my kids. As previous reviewers stated, there's an error in the manual. I had to read the reviews to figure out which bit to use. I was really hoping the lower reviews were exaggerations but I have to agree. I am not able to put my word on this product.

  • Bling Girl - Great product! These are sturdy and won't get soggy ...

    Great product! These are sturdy and won't get soggy when you have something with a sauce on it. Great price!