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  • KC COLE - More Of The Same...

    First, I understand that Microsoft has lifted the 1PC user requirement that was so badly mismanaged. That's great, and I applaud them for it. Second, I cannot understand WHY this software does not integrate with METRO. I have a touchscreen Win8 laptop that I love, but the more I use it, the more I wonder why Microsoft doesn't employ user consultants to ensure a great and seamless user experience. Metro behaves basically like it was just bolted to the operating system, and no one else in the company had any idea it would be included in Win8! Now, back to Office. Microsoft seems to reduce customization with each new release of Office. There seems to be less user friendly interfaces, and more confusing, redundant steps to complete a task. I've used Office 7, 10, and now 13. To be honest, I'm the most comfortable with 7 on my kid's laptop simply because there is no discernible benefit I see (value-wise) between it, 10 and 13. I'm not going to touch on the software, itself, other than to say they are making a half hearted attempt at cloud based services, and some of the programs crashed a lot early on. If you are familiar with Office 10, then 13 is just more of the same, with a few new pieces bolted on to give it a fresh feel. If you have either of the two previous releases of Office, I would say wait for the next iteration. I used to count on Microsoft for new software innovation. I'm not giving up on them. Yet...

  • AminK - Next I must point out the poor design. You must unscrew the front panel to ...

    First and foremost, I must say the instructions are misleading. The sticker asks for Black and Red wires to be connected to the battery before use. Next I must point out the poor design. You must unscrew the front panel to reach the battery. The front panel is connected to the body with 2 separate wires and simple push, tug or mistake can easily break this connection. Power button and 2 USB ports are connected through this "removable" panel. Although, instructions tell you to connect wires before use, after opening the front panel you find out the wires are already connected. Other than red & black wire, there is a really short yellow wire that needs to be tucked in a small gap between the battery and center panel for the front panel to be closed properly.

  • Michael Chamberlin - I'm a big fan

    These really work well for me. They make such a difference in the quality of sleep I get. Don't expect them to solve all your nighttime breathing problems (they aren't going to replace CPAP), but I they increase my breathing passageway about 30-40% which can make a big difference. I don't use them every night, just when I'm feeling stuffed up more than normal or when I want to make sure I get the best night's sleep possible (like the night before an interview or big test).

  • Amazon Customer - Especially good if you change your own oil.

    I have used these oil filters on my previous vehicle and really appreciated the ease of removing the filter by using the 1 inch socket I bought specifically for this purpose. I use the filter in conjunction with the K&N drop in air filter and Mobil 1 fully synthetic oil. If you plan to keep your car, use the best products you can find. And buy them on Amazon for less.

  • Jeanne P. - Love It!

    My dog tends to have dry, itchy skin at various times during the year. I have tried a multitude of pet shop shampoos that never seem to work. I saw this product and figured I'd give it a try. LOVE IT! Her coat is bright and she is not itching at all. Great product. When you open it, you might think it smells different; but after shampooing your dog there is no residual smell just a clean dog smell. Would highly recommend!