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Osteoporosis Home Page - Although bone loss is a natural part of aging, when it occurs too quickly, it is called osteoporosis. This eMedTV health channel contains a range of articles on the topic, including symptoms and preventive measures, as well as bone density testing.

  • http://osteoporosis.emedtv.com/bone-density/bone-density.html Bone Density - Your bone density is a measurement of your bone health. As this eMedTV article explains, this measurement can show your fracture risk and response to osteoporosis treatment. This page also explains how the density is measured.
  • http://osteoporosis.emedtv.com/bone-density-scan/bone-density-scan.html Bone Density Scan - A bone density scan is similar to an x-ray and measures bone health and response to osteoporosis treatment. This eMedTV page explains how the scan is performed, how it is scored, who should have one, and more.
  • http://osteoporosis.emedtv.com/calcium-deficiency/calcium-deficiency.html Calcium Deficiency - Most people will not have any symptoms of calcium deficiency until their bones are significantly weakened. This eMedTV resource describes possible signs of a calcium deficiency, explains how much calcium you need, and covers treatment options.
  • http://osteoporosis.emedtv.com/osteopenia/osteopenia.html Osteopenia - Osteopenia is not the same as osteoporosis, although both are characterized by decreased bone density. This eMedTV Web page explains the difference between the two conditions and explains how they are diagnosed.
  • http://osteoporosis.emedtv.com/osteoporosis/osteoporosis.html Osteoporosis - Osteoporosis often results in brittle bones that are easily fractured. This part of the eMedTV library provides a general overview of this condition, including what it is, how it develops, how it is treated, and more.
  • http://osteoporosis.emedtv.com/actonel/actonel.html Actonel - Actonel is a prescription drug that is used to treat osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. As this eMedTV page explains, it can also treat corticosteroid-related osteoporosis in men and women. Information on dosing and side effects is also provided.
  • http://osteoporosis.emedtv.com/actonel-with-calcium/actonel-with-calcium.html Actonel With Calcium - Actonel With Calcium is a drug used to prevent and treat osteoporosis. This eMedTV article offers an in-depth look at the medication, including how it works, how it is administered, and what you should discuss with your doctor prior to taking it.
  • http://osteoporosis.emedtv.com/atelvia/atelvia.html Atelvia - Atelvia is used in the treatment of osteoporosis. This delayed-release tablet is taken just once a week. This eMedTV page provides a detailed look at this prescription drug, with information on how it works, possible side effects, and safety precautions.
  • http://osteoporosis.emedtv.com/binosto/binosto.html Binosto - Binosto is a prescription drug licensed to treat osteoporosis and increase bone mass. This eMedTV Web selection describes specific uses for this medicine, examines the clinical effects, lists potential side effects, and more.
  • http://osteoporosis.emedtv.com/boniva/boniva.html Boniva - Boniva is a prescription drug licensed to prevent and treat osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. This eMedTV Web page describes the effects of Boniva, explains when and how to take the drug, and lists possible side effects that may occur.
  • http://osteoporosis.emedtv.com/calcitonin/calcitonin.html Calcitonin - Calcitonin is used for treating a few conditions, including osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. This eMedTV page further explains what the drug is used for, describes its various forms, and lists possible side effects that may occur.
  • http://osteoporosis.emedtv.com/calcitonin-salmon-injection/calcitonin-salmon-injection.html Calcitonin Salmon Injection - Calcitonin salmon injection is used to treat Paget's disease, osteoporosis, and high blood calcium. This eMedTV resource describes how the medicine works, explains how and when the injection is given, and lists warnings and precautions for the drug.
  • http://osteoporosis.emedtv.com/calcium/calcium.html Calcium - Calcium is an important mineral found in many foods and dietary supplements. This eMedTV Web page describes its benefits, explains how this mineral works for various uses, and lists side effects that may occur with calcium products.
  • http://osteoporosis.emedtv.com/evista/evista.html Evista - Evista is prescribed to treat postmenopausal women for osteoporosis. As this eMedTV article explains, it can also help reduce their risk of breast cancer. The drug's effects, dosing guidelines, and side effects are also described in detail.
  • http://osteoporosis.emedtv.com/forteo/forteo.html Forteo - Forteo is a prescription drug licensed for the treatment of osteoporosis in men and postmenopausal women. This eMedTV page offers more information on the effects of Forteo, explains how to take the drug, and lists some side effects that may occur.
  • http://osteoporosis.emedtv.com/fortical/fortical.html Fortical - Fortical is a medication commonly prescribed to treat osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. This eMedTV Web page explains how the drug works, offers information on when and how to take it, and lists possible side effects that may occur.
  • http://osteoporosis.emedtv.com/fosamax/fosamax.html Fosamax - Fosamax is a prescription drug that is commonly used to treat osteoporosis and Paget's disease. This eMedTV article offers an in-depth look at the drug, including information on its uses, dosing guidelines, possible side effects, and more.
  • http://osteoporosis.emedtv.com/fosamax-plus-d/fosamax-plus-d.html Fosamax Plus D - Fosamax Plus D is a drug that can be prescribed to treat osteoporosis in postmenopausal women and men. This eMedTV page offers an overview of this product, including dosing information, effects of the medicine, and possible side effects.
  • http://osteoporosis.emedtv.com/ipriflavone/ipriflavone.html Ipriflavone - Ipriflavone is a synthetic version of isoflavone, a plant compound similar to estrogen. This portion of the eMedTV library discusses this substance in detail and explains how it is still undetermined whether taking it prevents bone loss.
  • http://osteoporosis.emedtv.com/miacalcin-nasal-spray/miacalcin-nasal-spray.html Miacalcin Nasal Spray - Miacalcin nasal spray is an osteoporosis medication that is approved for postmenopausal women. This eMedTV page describes how the drug works, explains when and how to use the nasal spray, and offers general precautions and warnings for the medicine.
  • http://osteoporosis.emedtv.com/phytoestrogens/phytoestrogens.html Phytoestrogens - As this eMedTV article explains, many postmenopausal women are interested in phytoestrogens (plant compounds similar to estrogen) as an alternative to hormone therapy. However, research has shown mixed results on the effectiveness of these compounds.
  • http://osteoporosis.emedtv.com/prolia/prolia.html Prolia - Prolia is a prescription drug licensed to treat osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. This selection from the eMedTV Web site describes other uses of Prolia, explains when and how to take the drug, and lists possible side effects that may occur.
  • http://osteoporosis.emedtv.com/reclast/reclast.html Reclast - Reclast is a drug used to help treat the breakdown of bone associated with Paget's disease and osteoporosis. This eMedTV segment provides a detailed look at the drug, including information on its effects, side effects, dosing guidelines, and more.
  • http://osteoporosis.emedtv.com/osteoporosis/osteoporosis-treatment.html Osteoporosis Treatment - Options for treating osteoporosis include proper nutrition, exercise, and, in some cases, medication. This eMedTV segment discusses these treatment options in detail. This article also explains when certain medications might be used.
  • http://osteoporosis.emedtv.com/osteoporosis/osteoporosis-prevention.html Osteoporosis Prevention - Getting enough calcium and not smoking are common osteoporosis prevention measures. This eMedTV article offers several suggestions for preventing this common condition and also provides a list of foods that are high in calcium.
  • http://osteoporosis.emedtv.com/osteoporosis/causes-of-osteoporosis.html Causes of Osteoporosis - Aging, certain medications, and certain diseases are some of the most common causes of osteoporosis. This eMedTV segment discusses the causes of this condition in detail and provides suggestions for reducing your risk of developing osteoporosis.

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