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  • Jay Gillespie - It's working

    I have had two pain issues to deal with: 1) no L5S1 disc which for years has resulted in significant lower back pain, and 2) osteoarthritis of both hips, most notably my left, last x-ray in February 2016 with the recommendation of immediate hip surgery which will only be done as a last ditch resort.

  • Amazon Customer - The light went out after the first day. I ...

    The light went out after the first day. I purchased new batteries and the same thing happened. The light only stays on for a min or two then goes out. I noticed no difference in the color of my teeth.

  • Megoo T. Bird - Functionally fine, workmanship/design problems

    Functionally, the power bank works fine; more than serves my purpose. It charged my tablet almost three times before needing to be recharged.

  • Autumn Stachowski - This is so gross but I LOVE this set

    This is so gross but I LOVE this set! I'm addicted! I didn't even know something like this existed! I get a lot of little black heads on my chin and nose and the remover tool worked so great. They just pop right out as I move it along (watch a you tube video on it) I don't usually get a lot of pimples but I did have a break out of rash like pimples all over my fitness recently. I used the pimple tool and the puss popped right out and left a pin point scab rather than my fingers leaving a gaping hole and scab lol! The dots healed within 3 days completely! I'm very thankful for finding this tool!