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  • T Stanley - My go to when my escada ran out

    My fave cologne is Escada original which is no longer made. When I ran out, I switched over to this one. It has similarities to the escada that I liked. I have since found another bottle of escada but I use this sometimes so my bottle will last longer. I've tried quite a few scents over the years but many are too sweet or too woodsy, etc. I think this one is a nice balance to it.

  • C. L. N. - Got pulled into the shop by a very pushy salesman ...

    Got pulled into the shop by a very pushy salesman. I am 70 & was hoping for a cream that would help with the wrinkles over my lips. I don't know what he used but I saw a difference after his demonstration. After walking out of the store with $700 less in my pocket I was anxious to get home & try the products. They do NOT work. Run, run, run as fast as you can from these stores.

  • Amazon Customer - Not worth the money

    Very vitamin smelling to the point it makes husband sick to take. Did nothing for libido or energy eotget. Definitely not worth the money.

  • J. Laster - Multi-purpose Glue is awesome

    I love this glue. I'VE USED IT FOR CRAFT PURPOSES ONLY. It's not carried at my local home improvement store, so I usually purchase it via mail order. This product works well in providing the "CRACKLE FINISH/ WOOD CRACKLE LOOK" that is seen in lots of furniture and crafts. I use it the same way I would any other crackle medium, only this product gives much better results. I have used it with household interior latex water based paints as well as with craft paints. NOTE OF CAUTION: This glue dries relatively fast, so give it your undivided attention when spreading it on.

  • Good to Great to the Best - Good to Great to the Best

    This book asserts the value of the right people -- rather than just people -- as the greatest asset of a company. Good to Great is a book that explores the leap from mediocre thinking to extraordinarily positive thinking within a company. But have you stopped to think that "great" may not be the best possible standard. Are you settling for second best? In today's competitive corporate world, companies must strive to be their greatest, their best. I recommend Optimal Thinking: How to Be Your Best Self by Rosalene Glickman, Ph.D. as the essential resource to optimize the thinking and performance of individuals and corporations. We can't achieve peak performance when we think suboptimally. Leading companies employ Optimal Thinking to optimize thinking, productivity, morale and profitability.

  • kate - great

    My husband was skeptical about buying the PlayStation through amazon. But I went ahead and did it since Amazon was the only company who at the time was selling it. When we received it,we were sooooo excited to finally get the PlayStation 4. The graphics on it are so much better than anything else. The ease of use on it is wonderful. No exhausting updates like the Xbox. We are extremely happy with the PlayStation 4.

  • Amazon Customer - I cannot describe how amazing this stuff is

    Wow! I cannot describe how amazing this stuff is!!!! I have the most natural, bronze and beautiful tan from a tanning bed that I have ever had! Highly highly recommend it! And compare it to those $100 crap lotions you buy from the salon- this is not that expensive!