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  • Chalgyr's Game Room - Lots of bells and whistles for the budget music maker

    t's that time of the year, Chri- ahem, I mean... - time for MAGIX Music Maker 2016! The new iteration of Music Maker includes a lot of performance upgrades, a slew of new features, and of course, new sample packs are included to make music for your personal projects.

  • D. Hodge - Call it 3.5 stars

    To wipe out bad breath in a hurry, this stuff is great. For all day? Nope. I smoke cigars and anyone knows you can't get worse breath than cigar breath. I don't want to offend anyone, so I have tried a boatload of different mouthwashes. This being one. It works on 'cigar breath' for a while, but dry mouth creeps back in, and so does the bad odor. Try it, you might like it, but just don't expect miracles.

  • GAIL - This is an excellent earthing pad

    This is an excellent earthing pad. The pain in my back is now gone as a direct result of using this product. I highly recommend it to anyone that would rather use natural methods of treatment for health issues.

  • Susan - Energy=yes, fat-loss=eh, sleep=forget about

    I really like the energy I get from these. These definitely don't help with weight-loss if you don't follow a strict diet and workout plan. Only true downside to this pill is that I know I either won't be sleeping that night or have a lousy night of sleep. Main reason I take them these days is for the lasting energy that is much needed some days!

  • Scott Leggitt - Great Replacement - Except for one thing

    These are a welcome replacement for a cumbersome attachment mechanism. They are very easy to install with one problem. The instructions say to use the washers off of your existing parts. The problem is the existing washers are pressed on to the pin and can't be removed. You have to go find washers that will fit. Home Depot has them. Would have given five stars except for the misleading information.

  • Mark Omran - Buyer Beware

    I very seldom write reviews, but thought it is important for any other small businesses out there to understand what they are purchasing. I purchased this software because it came with the Payroll included. I have been a Quickbooks user since 2005, with relatively little issues. I was aware prior to purchasing, that the Payroll included was for only one employee (as opposed to 3 as in years past). After some aggravation of Quickbooks crashing after install (3 times in a row), I tried to follow the steps to activate my payroll service. The tutorials online, don't seem to be updated for 2014, so after a few moments, calling Quickbooks directly seem to be the best option. Upon calling, I was told that now, in addition to purchasing the bundle, I have spend $2 per employee per month as the way they did Payroll before is no longer valid. Just upsetting to know you purchase something expecting to be "prepaid" as indicated just to be told that in-fact, there are still charges.