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Arthritis & Osteoporosis Middletown, Kettering, OH | Arthritis & Osteoporosis Center of Southwest Ohio | State-of-the-Art Patient Centered Rheumatalogic Care - Arthritis Osteoporosis Center of Southwest Ohio, the office of Dr. C. J. Alapatt. Located in Middletown and Kettering, Ohio, we are an osteopathic medical practice specializing in preventing, diagnosing and treating osteoporosis, arthritis and bone disorders.

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  • Paul - Love it!!!

    This version of Office is wonderful! I have nothing negative to say about it. It runs very fast on Windows 10!

  • tim barnes - Easy install. took 15 minutes

    Easy install. took 15 minutes. looks great. I was worried after I first ordered it & realized it said it was gonna take a month & a half to receive it but, it showed up in about a week & a half later via express mail. I have yet to see anyone else with it in my area. it's a great unique look

  • Woman of Many Roles - My can fits so nice and tightly

    My can fits so nice and tightly. No sliding. This can cooler is a stainless steel, double wall vacuum design. I love that the top unscrews, to add beverage of choice. It makes it very easy to use! Not only is it easy to use but works great! I tend to keep my coozie in my car. It keeps my drink nice and cold for a long of period of time. I have left it in my car for an hour in Kansas heat while I took my daughter into her gymnastic class.When I came back out an hour later the drink was nice and cold.

  • ReadsALot - Panning for gold in a sewage-filled creek

    Mr. Kay's book is one of those that is infuriating and baffling. An RN, he seems curiously ignorant about many aspects of women's seuxality (he seems unaware, for instance, that women masturbate). An atheist, he still hews to the notion that a man should be a woman's "first and only" - on the insecure grounds that that way, she won't have anyone to compare the guy to, and thus will be content, unaware of what she is missing. (It is not surprising that the author admits that their sex life took many years to reach any satisfactory level; one wonders if he had any idea that improving his skill levels would help far more than ducking competition.) His recorded interchanges with coworkers and his wife sound like stale bar-stool hookup scripts, and are patronizing in a way that curiously echoes Archie Bunker... if Archie had reincarnated as a sensitive, presumably non-racist male nurse who really was trying to assert himself.......

  • Leona Pope - Wow! Such a different storyline

    This story starts off by reeling the reader in from the very 1st page. Very strong content, I feel as though I can't wait to read more. There is humor intertwined along with the seriousness, I already love the relationship between Pidge and Dennis. It's not your typical everyday story that's already been told, quite ingenious!

  • Jesse Livermore - This is an excellent book that is very easy to read (I read ...

    This is an excellent book that is very easy to read (I read it in two days) and delves deeply into the FBI investigation of Hillary's personal email use while Secretary of State. It reads like something out of Shakespeare with hubris, greed, arrogance and corruption the dominant character traits shared by the various players. For anyone who has watched Netflix's "House of Cards", the similarities in this story will be striking. For the uninformed reviewers that have not read it and say it is a "right wing" hatchet job, Edward Klein was the Editor in Chief of the New York Times Magazine for 10 years and the New York Times does not employ "right wingers" in any capacity let alone as Editor in Chief. He was also the Foreign Editor of Newsweek for 7 years and a contributing editor of Vanity Fair for 7 years, neither of which is known for its conservative viewpoints. Prior to his books about Hillary Clinton, he published four bestsellers about the Kennedys, all of which were well received by the media. This is not the resume of a member of "the vast right wing conspiracy." Read the book.