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  • A Michelle - Very nice jarred shea butter

    Shea Butter is an awesome skin care ingredient. It is loaded with vitamin A which skin craves, and healthy fats which are also good for skin. It's extremely moisturizing, and protects skin from free radicals. I love shea butter!

  • Debbie E. - Funny looking but works well

    This looks silly but really works. I'd give it a 5 but the grease still gets on the microwave over the burner. Otherwise it's brilliant. I left it on the stove in the frying pan ready to make dinner the day it arrived. My husband came home, saw it and almost put it over his head like a sick dog collar. Wish he had - would've been a laugh. I'll probably get the smaller size too. It folds back into the plastic it comes in for easy storage.

  • geseattle - It is just adequate, nothing great.

    This phone is just adequate nothing great. For the price it is fine and I will use it until a good deal on a better phone come along.

  • enzo matrix - Will discolor your items.

    Giving three stars because while it works great to repel water, your items will become discolored. My PVC fake leather motorcycle bag became discolored with a blueish tint. Luckily the bag wasn't that expensive.