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Country:, Europe, RU

City: 73.4 Omskaya Oblast', Russia

  • Alyssa Magadanz - AMAZING<3

    If you have damaged hair, this is the product for you!! My hair used to always be so dry, but after using this I have never been so happy with my hair. The smell is absolutely amazing and I am buying again for sure!

  • LazyShopper - Pretty good.

    It's not that bad... It picks up most of dirt and hair pretty good. I bought the wet ones and they do a little bit of a better job. You can't do a whole house that is for sure. I have a 1,200sqf place with wood floors and it takes at least 2. But its faster then mopping and I think does a better job.

  • Suzanne Kim - Works Great!

    I have been using this for 6 weeks now, and while I know other reviewers have said it will not grow new hair, I can't help but notice a WHOLE bunch of new sprouts of hair exactly where I put this gel. I do use it twice a day, as directed, and when I first started using it, I noticed a slight burning and redness; however, I no longer get that anymore. I am convinced it works, and I will continue to use it. I also use the Nioxin SYSTEM 4 shampoo and conditioner (3 months now) and the Nioxin vitamins (2 months now). It definitely helps and I am getting lots of compliments on my hair recently. But be advised.....you MUST USE THE PRODUCTS EVERYDAY or your hair will go back to the way it was. Hope this helps others in the same situation!

  • Tonya - Returned it

    I had no idea that I had to purchase a mat for the game which is a lil over $100.00. I immediately went through the return process and have yet to receive a refund, letter, call, email....... That's been over 3wks!!!! I wouldn't recommend this seller to anyone!!!

  • Marine Tiger - I was hoping it would work good

    I didn't use the product right away...I was trying the find source of the leak...and also run down the oil in the engine...when I added it and then topped it off with more oil, and drove couple of 100 miles...there was a difference in the leak, it was not stopped but it was a small drop and with a period of no drops, then after the car was stopped for 4- hours or more, another drop....I was hoping it would work good...I'm thinking about buying another bottle...the same or maybe something different.

  • Shivasuz - I like this gluten-free

    I like this gluten-free, Vegan cheese alternative so much! I can't find anything else on the market that matches its quality, nor also, that meets my standards as well as the Daiya cheeses. I recommend it for everything that one would normally use shredded, cheddar for as a far better alternative if your health is important to you.

  • OKINOK - Great Product

    We decided to try these since we have had so much trouble managing the chemical balance of our pool. As soon as we tried these we were able to balance the pool and use less tablets. Apparently they had a higher chlorine content than the ones we were purchasing locally. I would highly recommend