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New York Reproductive Wellness | NYC Fertility Clinic - Getting pregnant can be challenging. New York Reproductive Wellness, a NYC Fertility Clinic, is dedicated to providing you with the best fertility services.

  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/our-practice/ Our New York Fertility Center | NY Reproductive Wellness - From the beginning, we centered our fertility center on respecting the needs and dignity of our patients, and giving each the attention they deserve.
  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/meet-dr-zapantis/ Gregory Zapantis, M.D., F.A.C.OG. | Meet Dr. Zapantis - As our founder, Medical Director, and Laboratory Director, Dr. Zapantis is responsible for every aspect of treatment at New York Reproductive Wellness.
  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/meet-our-staff/ Meet the Staff | NYC Fertility Treatment Clinic Staff - Members of the NYRW staff have been chosen both for their professional skills and a personal commitment to our fertility treatment clinic in New York.
  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/physicians-answer-questions/ Frequently Asked Fertility Questions | Learn More - Get your fertility questions answered by our knowledgable staff at NY Reproductive Wellness. Our staff his here to help you throughout the process.
  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/our-practice/blog/ Our Blog | Fertility Treatment Information and Resources - Click into our blog posts to get Fertility Treatment Information and resources for the best fertility doctors in NYC. Click to learn more about treatments.
  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/evaluations/ Evaluations | Evaluate Your Reproductive Health - There are many causes for infertility, and each patient’s case is unique. Diagnosis begins with an evaluation of the reproductive health of both partners.
  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/fertility-evaluation-for-men/ Fertility Evaluation for Men | Male Fertility Treatment - A fertility evaluation begins with a review of history. Learn about male fertility treatment options available at New York Reproductive Wellness
  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/fertility-evaluation-for-women/ Fertility Evaluation for Women | Female Fertility Treatment - A fertility evaluation will begin with a thorough history and physical examination. Learn about female fertility treatment options at our clinic today!
  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/other/ Reproductive Endocrine Problems | Endometriosis and others - Endometriosis is a common health problem. It is generally not a serious or harmful condition, but can be painful and may interfere with your daily life.
  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/polycystic-ovary-syndrome-evaluation/ Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome | Evaluation and Treatment - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a condition which may be associated with irregular or absent menstrual cycles. Learn more on how to treat PCOS
  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/premature-ovarian-failure-ovarian-insufficiency/ Premature Ovarian Failure | Ovarian Insufficiency - Despite the commonly used name Premature Ovarian Failure (POF), this condition is associated with about a 5-10% chance of a natural pregnancy.
  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/recurrent-pregnancy-loss-evaluation/ Pregnancy Loss | Learn about Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL) - Recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) afflicts 2-4% of reproductive-aged women and is defined as two or more pregnancy losses. Learn more about this condition.
  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/intrauterine-iui-insemination/ Intrauterine Insemination | New York Reproductive Wellness - Commonly known as artificial insemination, intrauterine insemination (IUI) is traditionally the intermediate step in infertility treatment. Learn more.
  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/treatments/ Fertility Treament NYC | Learn about Fertility Treatments - Once the source of infertility is determined, Dr. Zapantis and our staff will present each patient with a range of appropriate fertility treatment options.
  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/alternative-treatments/ Alternative Fertility Treatments | See the Different Options - Alternative Fertility Treatments may include referral for nutritional counseling, acupuncture treatment, support group therapy, or individual therapy.
  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/donor-egg-ivf/ Egg Donor New York | Egg Donation NYC - New York Reproductive Wellness NYC egg donor program facilitates donor-recipient matching and ensures a smooth, confidential and easy to understand process.
  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/egg-freezing-oocyte-cryopreservation-vitrification/ Egg Freezing | Oocyte Cryopreservation Vitrification - With improved technologies such as vitrification, egg freezing has now become a real option for preserving fertility. Learn more about egg freezing
  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/gestational-and-traditional-surgery/ Gestational Surrogacy | Learn about Surrogacy Options - Gestational Surrogacy is a treatment option for women who wish to have a child, but have been told they cannot conceive because of a medical condition.
  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/in-vitro-fertilization/ In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)| Learn about IVF Treatment - In-Vitro Fertilization treatment can be a highly successful form of fertility treatment, especially in younger women with unexplained infertility.
  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/natural-cycle-ivf-in-long-island/ Natural Cycle IVF | See if Natural Cycle is Right for you. - Natural Cycle IVF is similar to conventional IVF though medications are not used to stimulate an ovary to produce multiple eggs.
  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/minimal-stimulation-ivf-in-long-island/ Minimal Stimulation IVF | Learn about this IVF Treatment - Minimal stimulation IVF offers success rates similar to conventional IVF as a form of fertility treatment with lower cost. Learn more about this treatment
  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/ovulation-induction/ Ovulation Induction | How to Induce Ovulation - Ovulation induction treatment is often combined with IUI treatment. If such treatment is not successful after several cycles, more treatment will be needed.
  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/low-ovarian-reserve-in-long-island/ Low Ovarian Reserve in Long Island | Learn More - Low Ovarian Reserve occurs when there is a physiological decrease in the number of eggs, which can result in an insufficient number.
  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/preimplantation-genetic-diagnosis-and-screening/ Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis and Screening - Various technologies now exist that can genetically diagnose embryos using Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, or PGD. Click to learn more.
  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/patient-success-stories/ IVF in NYC | Fertility Success Stories from Actual Patients - The fertility treatment at NY Reproductive Wellness NYC has helped countless individuals achieve fertility success stories of their own.
  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/fertility-facts/ Facts About Fertility | Learn about Fertility Facts - Get fertility facts ahead of time from our fertility clinic at New York Reproductive Wellness. Get information before your appointment!
  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/faq/ Frequently Asked Questions about Fertility Treatment - Check out our Frequest asked questions about fertility treatment. We're a great resource for fertility information near New York and New Jersey
  • http://nyreproductivewellness.com/contact-us/ Contact New York Reproductive Wellness Today! - Contact New York Reproductive Wellness Today to schedule a consultation with our fertility doctors. Learn more about our treatment options today.

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  • J. White - Excellent Upgrade

    I installed the software without any problems on a Windows 7, 64 bit machine. The software worked well with few issues observed during testing. One of the new features included in AutoCAD 2013 is cloud storage capability. The software is able to sync files onto a cloud operated by Autodesk and thus make files available to others in or outside the organization. Included in the products price is 3 Gb of online storage. This feature seemed to work well except for an occasional sync error. I am confident based on prior use of Autodesk products that the company will work hard to address significant issues with release of one or two service packs.

  • Taylor - It's ok, but has its drawbacks.

    I like the fact that this bends and can be used at an angle. I like the fact that it is lighted. However, the blade is either shorter or not as sharp as my previous pink mini shaver. It takes longer to do the job and I find myself having to go over the same areas several times. That is the downside. I would probably go another way the next time I'm looking to purchase because of this issue. However, it's not bad enough to cause me to toss it and buy a new one right away.

  • shawdow75 - sound great priced right

    sound great priced right, stays in with the little clips which some think are supposed to hook around the ear, but really go on the inside of the ear to help keep them put, had it had one of those charger boxes that charge them a few more times before the box needs recharging would have knocked this up to a 5 star rating, very please with these headphones

  • Damascus Cain - Excellent DE, everything you hear that is good about ...

    Excellent DE, everything you hear that is good about DE is all true. It does cure candida, it does make you hair and nails grow like weeds, it does stop gray hair and balding, it does rid the body of mercury and other metals, it does kill worms, parasites and fungus (dries all this stuff up).

  • Rick N. - Not cheap. Just inexpensive.

    I wanted to try this razor for the same reason so many others did. I was looking for a more reasonable alternative to the insanely overpriced products from the major brands here in the US. I first tried the 4 blade version of Dorco's razor that is sold from Dollar Shave Club and it was pretty good. It gave me just as good a shave as the Schick Hydro 3 I was using before that. It didn't come quite as close as using a good old fashioned DE safety razor but I don't always have the patience to go at the slower pace necessary to use it properly. So I decided to purchase this and give it a shot. I was expecting a shave on par with other cartridge razors I used before where it isn't quite as close as a DE and irritates the skin a bit too. I was amazed that this was the first cartridge razor I have ever used that actually shaved almost as good as my DE razor. I would still give the slight advantage to the safety razor when it comes to closeness but my skin was practically free of irritation and it shaved very quickly. But then again with 6 blades it better do the job in the first pass or two or else your skin will not be happy. I didn't really use the trimmer blade on the back of the cartridge so I can't comment on that but I have found them to be, for the most part, rather useless on other razors that have the same feature. Aside from the blades being very good the handle is quite comfortable to hold too. I found the one that came with the 4 blade package to be a little too curvy for me and it felt awkward in my hand. The 6 blade handle is more straight with much more subtle curves to make it a little more balanced. The handles and blades are all interchangeable though so use whatever combination works best for you. Listen, some guys just enjoy the task of shaving and see it as a rite of manhood. That's fine and I don't fault any guy who feels that way. For those men a safety razor or even a straight razor is the way to go. I don't particularly look forward to shaving and would like to get it over with as quickly and efficiently as possible. I will admit I do still use a badger brush and a good quality shave soap because the canned stuff does tend to irritate my skin and just feels too slimy to me sometimes. Mitchell's Wool Fat shave soap is my personal favorite and I rarely use anything else. But DE shaving requires patience I admittedly just do not have and the handful of times I tried a straight razor it looked like I got clawed in the face by a grizzly bear. If you share my sentiments on shaving then give this razor a try. If I have learned anything it is that shaving is a trial-and-error process. Every guy has different skin, whiskers, contours, expectations, etc. What works for me may work for you and it may not. I really like this razor. It worked very well on my relatively thick beard and somewhat sensitive skin. Try it and hopefully it will work for you too.

  • Chris - The unit itself for the price is good, not great

    The unit itself for the price is good, not great. I would expect a much better performance of a quad core CPU. Don't be disappointed if the unit is not as snappy as you would like it to be. You will see this especially when using Google Maps, Voice Recognition or similar apps.