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  • Shawn P. - Have been taking this for two months.. Have ...

    Have been taking this for two months.. Have lost almost 20 lbs and my energy is out the roof. I looove this and def will continue taking it!!!!!!

  • Connie S - Great product from baebody to hide your cellulite

    This Hot Cream is just another awesome product from baebody. This is a company that makes many great products. So when I got my Hot Cream for cellulite I had great expectations. I have been using the cream for a few weeks and yes I really do notice a tightness in my skin. You do have to remember unfortunately that cellulite won't magically go away, but the cream help in tightening the skin so it has more smoothly appearance. It has a warmth to it and a light fragrance. Many people have said it feel icy hot, I have to totally agree. Check out the other items they sell like the Coconut Milk Scrub - it is fantastic and so is the Retinol Moisturizer.

  • Reed On - Love it!

    I'm a cancer survivor with a low immune system. I take it when I am going to be in large crowds. It works for me!!

  • Erin - yet the skin around my eyes still feels like it's on fire

    I was excited to try this, as my friend was raving about it! However, after just two or three days of use, I stopped using it, because it made my skin burn, especially around my eyes. I haven't used it in several days, yet the skin around my eyes still feels like it's on fire!! It also caused my face to peel and dry out. I am amazed at how quickly this happened with just two or three night-time uses! I do have pretty sensitive skin, so I was happy to see this had all-natural ingredients, but in the end, I was not happy with it at all. I'll pass it on to my friend. :(

  • willdeng - Worth the premium

    There are so many different variables that come into play when 3d printing but through using IC3D's filament, this is one less variable to worry about. The quality and consistency of this filament is the best that I have experienced and is well worth the added cost.

  • Everett Scurlock - Great gift

    Son was impressed with the item. He has agreed to learn the instrument. A concert at the end of January or February.

  • Jason Proby - Effective.

    Works excellent! I've tired multiple remedies other the years and I must say that I am impressed with this one. Some products require you to take several pills per drink or chug massive amounts of water in order to be effective. This defeats the purpose of simply drinking and enjoying yourself. I took two pills before bed and woke up without a massive hangover. I will say that it is not a miracle drug, after drinking quite heavily I woke up feeling like I had only had a few drinks. I tried it after drinking a few and woke up feeling like I had not drank at all. Bottom line: it is effective at reducing a hangover. Its only flaw is that you have to remember to take it before bed!