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  • Renee Stevens - It Works! WORKS!

    If you are not seeing results from this product, you ARE NOT DOING IT CORRECTLY! You can NOT consume this and a bunch of crap and expect results. You can NOT consume this then sit on your butt endlessly. The website for these FABulous products clearly states that they are made to ENHANCE a healthy lifestyle, not take your unhealthy body for which you do nothing all day and then cram this in your mouth and what...EXPECT miracles!? I love love love this stuff. My life has changed with a little of this, a little will power, and support from my distributor...from whom you should be buying any and all It Works! products! They can teach how to make the most out of your products and get FREE products! After how much purchasing on Amazon can you get FREE merchandise? I've spent thousands and haven't once! The Greens energize, detoxify, alkalyze, and in general jump start a healthy lifestyle! Great stuff, FABulous company. Buy from a distributor with a clear heart and mind.

  • Ginger - Not Sure.

    I have never taken a product like this before. I had heard great things about it so I decided to give it a try. I figure what did I have to lose besides a few pounds.

  • Huge One - Craig Johnson and Walt Longmire are Back

    The latest Longmire Mystery delivers vintage Wyoming adventure, even if most of it is in South Dakota. Doesn't matter. If you have read any of Johnson's earlier Longmire mysteries, you won't be disappointed. If you haven't, start now.

  • Anthony Babbitt - Ideal for the child who "forgets" to eat

    My 9 yr old's pediatrician recommended Pediasure or Carnation Instant Breakfast with Whole Milk. (My child has been losing weight/not gaining appropriately.) He loves both, but the Pediasure is more convenient and easy to pack.

  • Jason Erin - I am in way worse shape after doing this diet

    I followed the GAPS diet strictly w/ my family for 1 year. It takes a TOOOOONNNNN of work. And money. But that wouldn't matter if it really did heal you.