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  • geri fried - Love the idea

    Love the idea....hang your pictures without holes in the walls. Gave it four stars instead of five, as two of my pictures fell off...and not due to excessive weight. Maybe I didn't clean the frame well enough before applying, or maybe the adhesive was lacking. Three held wonderfully, two fell.

  • Erik N. - Nothing Special

    This item is exactly what it looks like. You just slide it over the center console piece and let it sit there. It does come with the two sided tape to make it stick securely on to the console. However, after reading the other reviews I decided against using the tape and instead just let it sit. This worked fine until I had my doors off and went over 60MPH, at which point my new Tire Tread ArmPad decided it wanted to be a plane and fly out the door of my Jeep. If you buy this, I recommend using the tape that comes with it.

  • Angela Shikany - So good.

    Maybe a little formulaic but still a very enjoyable read. This isn't really a mystery because, as usual, we are in with the villains from the beginning. None of the authors I read or have ever read can depict the nature of evil quite like Sandford does.

  • Eric Snyder - Over-priced gimmick, unit failed

    Failed after less than two years. Went into "delay loop" cycle. After restart, went into "remove from base/reattach to base" cycle. Both apparently pretty common issues according to a few web searches. Customer service was nice enough but fairly useless. Very long time wait time, could not fix the issue so they said they would ship me a new one. Mine was still under warranty, so great. Then they said it would take a few days. I would expect expedited overnight shipping for an item like this, especially when we are in the middle of an extreme cold spell. Then the support rep wanted my credit card number so he could place a "temporary hold" on my account until I returned the defective unit. I wouldn't give him my credit card, so they wouldn't ship a replacement for a defective unit that was under warranty. Went to my local hardware store and got a functional programmable thermostat for less than $50, compared to $250 for a new Nest. New unit installed in a few minutes and everything is working perfectly, so it was definitely the Nest not my furnace or heating system.

  • Eddie Mckinney - Well Worth the money

    This is a Great Product and it is cheaper to order this way than buying smaller bottles at the store. we will buy more.

  • A. Preiss - none existent customer service, you'll need a friend with some advanced computer skills

    Originally had 2010 version of this program which I had set up for an automatic back to a 3rd system hard drive. I ran in the background flawlessly, literally for years. Until the other day when I needed to recover an old image from and old laptop that I had backed with Acronis years ago. Found out then that my version had expired. No problem I thought, I'd liked the program and don't mind upgrading. That's when I began to hate Acronis. Turns out the 2010 version is particularly difficult to uninstall. Took me about two days because Acronis doesn't have an 800 number, or tech support chat, or really any customer service at all unless you're buying something. All there is, a customer forum where I finally found a solution. In this day and age I expect software to be able to uninstall older versions, I think that's a reasonable expectation. And not to have to perform an exhaustive google search.