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  • Brian - Terrible customer service and product

    My Dad purchased this machine for me because my back problems that I have had over the years. When I received the unit I could immediately see how cheaply it was made, all plastic. If you used it much it wouldn't last long. I tried it for three weeks just to confirm my first impression. It did nothing to help my back problems that I couldn't do myself with just a little stretching. I called to get an authorization number to send it back and the service department was very nice. Offered to let me try it for another 30 days or give me $40 back, all trying to keep me from sending it back. I decided to send it back right away and was told that my Father would receive his purchase price back. Well, three and a half months later he has received nothing. I called and talked to three different programmed people who said they received it past the seven days I had to return it after given the authorization number. The third person, Jay Lincoln said that unless I could prove with a post office receipt that I sent it within the 7day time period that they would refund my money minus $39.95 restocking fee. I paid $30 to ship it here, $20 to ship it back, plus $39.95 restocking fee. My Dad and I have $90 into something that they know doesn't work. It is a scam for sure. Always remember that if it sounds too good to be true, then it is!

  • Rosanne Jantzen - Christmas gift

    I bought for my grand daughter in Atlanta Ga. She loved it and was what she wanted. It is easy online.

  • RBNewsNapa - Okay for the price

    I have been working with the program for about two weeks now. I did not have great expectations for it and I wasn't disappointed. It's a pretty routine process, similar to classes I've taken, and a little more fun since I haven't hit any grammar recitation...yet. My difficulty with languages is that I do not have good rote memory. I can take information and synthicize it into meaningful data, e.g, writing essays, news artless, and the like. That is not what this program is about. It does have a lot of straight memorization. That's okay, I'm working with it. So yes, I am content with the purchase. I am developing some Spanish skills in proportion to my dedication to the studying. Given that, I do recommend the program for the price.

  • xrider - Try Try AGAIN!!

    So far so good.., I've been using this product for about a year. A new cat for my car is about $1800.00 so for about $40.00 ( 2 bottles) this is a great alternative. The first time One bottle in a 1/4 tank of gas was enough for about 2500 miles. The next time , however, it lasted only about 200 miles. I then used 2 bottles in a 1/2 tank of gas and it lasted about 4000 miles.

  • Alejandra Gonzalez - Another winner from Skinnytaste's Gina Homolka!

    Another winner from Skinnytaste's Gina Homolka! Her recipes are delicious, easy to prepare and nutritious. What else could you want from a cookbook? I can already tell this is going to be my "go-to" cookbook, just like her first cookbook!