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  • Chik - Great solutions for most scratches

    My Fusion 2014 had scratches at the bumper, because someone's car slid along when parallel parking in/out on the street. There were all sort of scratches (deep, shallow, wide, narrow..). My purpose was to fix most of the scratches that did not reach the primer or lower and re-paint lightly the deep and wide scratches for concealing but not complete fixing.

  • Allen King - Planning a First Contact

    While not a bad book by any measure, I have some negative thoughts regarding this book. The overarching story is reasonably good. An alien ship is located early in the American space program drifting in the asteroid belt, but then existing space technology does not allow an approach until several decades later. The fact that the ship's presence can be kept secret for that long is in itself a great leap. In addition, in describing the crew, Ms. Wells makes each member too stereotypic. The commander is a military man demonstrating an altogether too brittle and inflexible demeanor. Our heroine, a linguist, is too perfectly trusting of the alien AI left aboard the ship and her closest ally is just a bit too heroic in sticking by her at all major decision intersections. It would serve Ms. Wells well to make the characters more nuianced in their respective approaches to the ship and the telepathic AI aboard. Though the action sequences are over the top, they are entertaining and the storyline hangs together reasonably well. As a first contact tale, I did find it entertaining overall. It is certainly worth the read, but the addition of another 50 pages or so to better develop the characters would have been welcome.

  • Longhorn_sparky - THIS is what I've been looking for!

    After years of trying everything in order to relieve symptoms of chronic fatigue and depression, I FINALLY FOUND THE ANSWER. And I'd tried everything: diet, exercise, supplements, cleanses, zapping, you name it... What's funny is that for the last few years I've had an unexplainable urge to dig holes in the yard, which I've indulged freely since there's plenty of yard. Apparently, my body needed electrons and by digging holes, I was fulfilling a need that my conscious mind was completely unaware of! I love the premise of the book, that the earth is one big magnet with an infinite supply of free electrons. And because they are free, no pharmaceutical company or other corporate entity can profit from the infinite supply directly below our feet. After sleeping grounded for a couple of weeks now, my fatigue is lessoned, the bags under my eyes are gone, and I don't feel the need to crash on the couch at the end of the day. I'm having the most amazing technicolor dreams again, just like 20 years ago. Thank you, Ober, Sinatra, and Zucker for writing this book!

  • andrew - It took a hammer to fix never a good sign. Item does work as prescribed once it ...

    packaging inceficient, and had to modify right out of the box after speaking to the sales rep. It took a hammer to fix never a good sign. Item does work as prescribed once it was fixed and provides great suction with my sandblast cabinet

  • R. Meyers - Great beginner or no-frills machine

    As a beginner (73ys old and one bad eye) I found this Singer 4411 to be easy to thread and use. Frankly I wanted an inexpensive machine capable of sewing heavy materials and not pink in color or have daffodils painted on. The instruction booklet was easy to follow and had good illustrations for setting up the machine. It seems well-made.