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  • Alex Zagorski - Don't waste your money at the dealership, get them here!

    I got a slightly used 2014 Equinox and it didn't have the crossbars. I figured I might have to spend a few hundred to get these at a dealership but finding these surprised me. They are great quality and slide right into place. I use the rack for skis and bikes and I've even strapped a bed frame up there and no problems. They have stayed solid, kept their color for almost a year now, and make my Equinox look that much better.

  • JNOMI - Works well. Wish Amazon would ship upside down like the manufacturer suggests.

    When I received the containers, the top section that holds the salt substance was pushed down almost sideways in the container. I emailed the manufacturer to see if I could cut the seal on top and try to lift the top section back up, and they said it should work just fine even if the top seal is broken. They said they ship these containers upside down in order to prevent this. Apparently Amazon didn't get that memo. Either way, I have one in my bedroom and one in my storage unit. They are working at keeping the humidity level lower than normal, not drastically, but I can see the moisture it is absorbing. It is not helping with the musty smell in my storage unit though. I think I'll try the one with charcoal next to see if that helps.

  • CoolGramma - Great End-of-the-World Movie

    I won't kid you--this was about the fifth time I've seen this film, and it's great every time I see it. I just wish that they'd have dated it further into the future to give it that frightening possibility that it might yet happen. It's a great end of the world story with a bit of a twist to it, but I don't want to ruin it for you. As usual, though, the bad guys get theirs, and the good guys triumph in the end.

  • Mark Twain - Best Anti-Virus for Your Money - A+ Customer Service

    Thorough, easy to use, this tops any anti-virus or internet security software I've ever used. It is smart - it knows when to scan and it is constantly in contact with the Kaspersky virus database, keeping you up-to-date.

  • seretese smith - the history has been uncoverd for years..............

    it's the start of self awareness.................that has no beginning nor ending, start your adventure today and you'll never be the same!

  • J. Torres - Should you order the disk or download?

    There has been enough written about using Microsoft's office apps versus Apple's on the iMac. I'll not rehash that here. I need every feature I can get my hands on so I checked Amazon today for the best price on Office 2011 for the Mac. Given that I only have one Mac in the house I was happy to see I could save a few bucks on the 1 license/1 mac version.