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Country:, Europe, HU

City: 19.6227 Heves megye, Hungary

  • ANGELA - Almased Multi-Protein Powder

    I think this product is really good, yes I have been drinking this for about two months. I normally make a shake in the morning and one at night. I do have fat free milk and Nesquick chocolate in mine. I don't feel that it adds that much in the way of calories. I have found my self feeling better and having more engery. I have recently added the liquid mineral and vitamines to my daily routine. I must say I am 53 years old and have not had a lot of engery, at least not what I used to have. I work and try to do other things at home, you know the norm. But I also want to write and draw & paint, and trying to find the time and engery for all of what I need---

  • Pam S - Has made a difference for me...

    There are plenty of people bashing this product. It works for me. I have had unsolicited comments from mother even asked me if I had work done and didn't tell her. When I admitted to using the product she promptly purchased it and is pleased with her own results. I'm fast approaching 50, she's 72. We have turkey neck that runs in the family. Long vertical extra skin that starts just behind the chin and ends just below the larnyx.