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  • Bodhi Heeren - pure beauty - classic rock at its best

    CSN has not exactly flooded the market with new releases - the latest release of the 3 together being the CSNY release of "Deja Vu Live" which was extremely Neilocentric, to say the least. So for all fans this is a very welcome occasion to hear an official, brilliantly recorded concert.

  • Alkavas Vi - Or maybe I got a bad one. At any rate

    Despite seeing in the answers section that this is supposed to fit the Nvidia SHIELD K1 tablet, it actually doesn't. Or maybe I got a bad one. At any rate, there's a weird gap in the screen protector where I'm assuming an older model might have had a camera lens, but there isn't one on the k1. It ends up leaving a big gap in protection. I'm very disappointed, especially given the price.

  • Dianna C. Johnson - Rocksmith delivers.

    I am a beginner at lead guitar, and Rocksmith is great at providing tools to improve your skills at your own pace.

  • James Lazurek - They suck. they are not laser measured like they say

    They suck. they are not laser measured like they say. every time it rains or snows they get soaked under the floor liner and i have to use towels to soak up the water.definately not worth the price. don't buy them and be disappointed like i am.

  • Giigili7 - Speedy delivery

    Really for beginners with detailed list of how to create a database. Too much info is provided, but better than less.

  • Zooky69 - Absolutely beautiful!

    I get the annual snowflake ornament for my Mom every Christmas. This is one of the nicest over the past 12 or so years.

  • J. Sattler - As complex, sharp and, ultimately, generous as Bill Clinton himself

    The book, like Bill Clinton's post-presidency, begins with what one of the greatest hangovers of all time. After leaving office with the highest approval ratings ever recorded, the ex-president sits down for breakfast. He's stripped of power, his attendants and much of his reputation, thanks to a flurry of scandals involving pardons to donors. What follows is a man reborn by philanthropy yet unable to evade the often manufactured shadows of doubt that haunt even his greatest successes. He forged a revolutionary new approach to charity that has literally saved millions of lives, shaped by his superhuman ability to make allies, solve problems and blur lines between influence and aspiration. Conason finds both the data to document the remarkable successes the foundation Clinton created and the nuance to give you a fully realized portrait of a man who has endeavored, despite all his flaws, to change the world.